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‘You Have to See It to Believe It’: IDF Soldiers Expose What They Found in Gaza

As Israel Defense Forces encircle Gaza City and continue taking out key Hamas leaders, soldiers have gained access to some of the locations from which the Iran-backed terrorists launched their weeks-straight barrage of rockets aimed at Israeli civilians at times — in cases when Israel’s Iron Dome defense system fails to intercept enemy projectiles — striking locations across Israel including apartment buildings and a kindergarten.

Some of the rocket launchers found by IDF soldiers as they continue to root out Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip are located on buildings’ lower floors, pointed out at the sky and toward Israel.

In videos released by the IDF, some launchers were found in a youth movement building where children are often present:

Townhall has previously reported on Hamas’ positioning of rocket launchers near United Nations facilities, just outside of kindergartens, close to mosques, and in other civilian areas.

Other rocket launchers discovered by IDF soldiers as they move closer to the heart of Gaza City include all-but-buried launchers, mostly hidden underground in order to make it more difficult for IDF surveillance to zero in on and neutralize the terrorist infrastructure.

In addition to using buildings supposedly for children as launch points for their rockets aimed at killing Israeli children, the IDF continues to find supposedly civilian buildings being used as cover for terrorist infrastructure, rocket storage, and to hide the movement of Hamas terrorists.

  • Ron C says:

    And the destruction of Israeli children and civilians, is exactly what the democrat party relish! They are no better than the terrorists in Israel and the terrorists they are letting in to our nation! This is not going to end well for anyone!

    • Elmer says:

      The Demotards want a war. They think it’ll depopulate the Earth so that their WEF masters can be happy that the Earth was saved from Climate Change. Well a Demotard would believe that. The WEF loves retarded people and the Demotards fit the bill. WEF get global communism and control using their useful idiot Demotards who think they are saving the planet.

  • kent says:

    my question is “who built the rocket launchers?”… re they Russian? are they French? are they the ones Brandon left behind?…. I would be interested to know

  • Scott says:

    It’s nice to know there’s people out there that can really see what’s going on except for the people in the White House have, no clue and think you get some answers to your questions or concerns all you get back is a bunch of BS from a little black lesbian who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in the world , or blames it on Trump still but, you know we’ve got more important issues in this country than what’s going on in some other freaking country yeah you protest with White House get the fuck out of the country you know , it’s just the government wants us to worry about that then what’s really going on, my fear is and always has been for the last couple years since the Border assholes have been running free , the government’s going to let all these douchebags vote and the win the election in 2024 that’s why I don’t think they’re too worried , and if they do win you know and the election is rigged again what are we going to do about it what’s happening now for the last couple years about the freaking border and all that LBG crap going on, I call it,the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, think about it for a second, i apologize for some of the words but this really just ticks me off ,more than anything I want my kids to grow up in a decent world and be free to do and say what they want without anybody saying otherwise , what do we get? look what we got going for us,,where it’s going? wake up people vote for Trump or this country goes down the shithole, stand with him pray for him and this country, God Bless America and every man real man and woman and child. ✌

    • Democrat Palestinians are Hamas says:

      Trumps not gona save America. Americans are gona take over America if Democrats cheat and win. No way on Gods green Earth will another Democrat be elected or cheated in office. AMERICANS are gona kill every fkg democrat and palestinian supporter, if we make it to 2025. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Democrats are gona die a cold hard death for treason to humanity. God bless the day when it comes.

  • James says:

    He is a real ass and an embarrassing jerk and should be in a nursing home.

  • Roger Codger says:

    That article brings up the question, WHY does the citizens of Gaza put up with their government doing that to them. ARE they in agreement with their government to put blame on their enemy

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