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Biden Staffer Resigns: ‘I Can No Longer in Good Conscience Continue to Represent This Administration’

An Interior Department staffer abruptly resigned on Wednesday in protest over the Biden Regime’s stance on the Israel-Gaza war.

Lily Greenberg Call, a Jewish special assistant to the chief of staff in the Department of Interior, resigned in protest and blasted Joe Biden in a phone call with the AP.

In a phone interview with The Associated Press, Call blasted Joe Biden’s comments on Israel and Jews.

“In an interview with The Associated Press, Call pointed to comments by Biden, including at a White House Hanukkah event where he said “Were there no Israel, there wouldn’t be a Jew in the world who was safe” and at an event at Washington’s Holocaust Memorial last week in which he said the Oct. 7 Hamas-led attacks that triggered the war were driven by an “ancient desire to wipe out the Jewish people.”” The AP reported.

“He is making Jews the face of the American war machine. And that is so deeply wrong,” Call told the AP, noting that ancestors of hers were killed by “state-sponsored violence.”

In her resignation letter, Call said she was initially excited to join the Biden Administration: “However, I can no longer in good conscience continue to represent this administration,” she wrote in a letter.

AP reported:

An Interior Department staffer on Wednesday became the first Jewish political appointee to publicly resign in protest of U.S. support for Israel’s war in Gaza.

Lily Greenberg Call, a special assistant to the chief of staff in the Interior Department, accused President Joe Biden of using Jews to justify U.S. policy in the conflict.

Call had worked for the presidential campaigns of both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and was a longtime activist and advocate for Israel in Washington and elsewhere before joining the government.

Several senior-level Biden staffers have resigned in protest over the Biden Administration’s stance on the Israel-Gaza war.

  • k says:

    Israel Discovers 700 Tunnel Shafts in Rafah, Including 50 That Cross Into Egypt (CF.ORG NEWS)

    Citizen FrankPublished 20 hours ago onBy Citizen Frank

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have discovered hundreds of tunnel shafts inside the Hamas stronghold of Rafah in southern Gaza, including dozens of tunnels that cross into Egypt.

    Israeli Deputy Attorney General Gilad Noam made the revelation while speaking at the International Court of Justice.

    “Rafah, in particular, is a focal point for ongoing terrorist activity. It is a stronghold for Hamas’ operators with several battalions belonging to the Rafah brigades entrenched in the area,” he said.

    “Also present in Rafah is an intricate underground tunnel infrastructure that runs underneath the city and provides ample space for operators, command and control rooms, and military equipment.”

    “Nearly 700 tunnel shafts have been identified in Rafah from which approximately 50 tunnels cross into Egypt,” he continued. “These tunnels are used by Hamas to supply itself with weapons and ammunition. It could potentially be used to smuggle out of Gaza hostages or Hamas senior operators.”

    Joe Truzman, Senior Research Analyst at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ Long War Journal, noted that Israel has been very patient with Egypt while Egypt has been playing “spoiler during this crisis.”

    “After Cairo refused to let in Palestinian refugees — a temporary measure that would have shortened the Gaza war — Jerusalem assented to the positioning of heavy Egyptian reinforcements in the supposedly demilitarized Sinai to seal off the Rafah border,” Truzman said.

    “And all the Israelis have got in return has been vitriol and, most recently, Egyptian support for the foul allegations being leveled against them at The Hague. President Sisi is supposed to be a pragmatist rather than a populist. This cannot continue.”

  • Sam says:

    Good, now do the next right thing and vote for Donald J. Trump and Make America Great Again.



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