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Anna Paulina Luna Reveals Ties Between Judge Merchan’s Daughter, Kamala Harris

Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna revealed Thursday on Fox News that Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter allegedly has ties to Vice President Kamala Harris through a firm that fundraised for the politician.

Luna appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the ongoing trial against former President Donald Trump, who is being accused by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of allegedly falsifying business records. Luna joined Trump at the courthouse Thursday morning, to which Fox host Jesse Watters questioned the representative on what she saw in the courtroom.

Luna stated that not only was Bragg’s key witness, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen prepped for cross-examination by Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman, but Goldman is a client of Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan, who works at a firm that fundraises for Harris.

“Interestingly enough when Cohen started to be asked whether or not he thought that New York had a corrupt judicial system, he actually had his own quotes used against him. And Judge Merchan was actually sitting there uncomfortably moving in his seat. Jesse, we found out just today — just to put it in perspective about how swampy, how stacked against the odds, how corrupt this entire Biden trial is, because that’s really what it is,” Luna stated.

“We found out that Representative [Dan] Goldman, who actually sits with me on House Oversight as a Democrat, not only prepared [Michael] Cohen for the testimony today, but he’s also a client of the judge’s daughter at the same firm that fundraises for Kamala Harris. So when I say this is incestual, and when I say that we are exposing them for everything that they are, which is a complete sham, I mean it.”

“And although the president may not be able to speak on behalf of this trial, I can. What I can tell the American people is that the president is in fighting spirits, he knows that he’s going to win. The jurors sat there and shook their heads every single time — all four times that Cohen admitted that he lied to members of Congress. So to put it in perspective I think that their trial is falling apart, again,” Luna stated.

Prior to the trial beginning, Trump called out the connections between Loren Merchan and Democrats as the judge’s daughter served as president of Authentic Campaigns, according to CNN, which is a digital marketing and fundraising agency that works with top Democrats such as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek.

While it is unclear whether Loren Merchan is still with the company currently, the judge confirmed in an August ruling that Loren was still president and chief operating officer of the agency.

Loren Merchan was also confirmed, via her LinkedIn, to have been the director of digital persuasion for Harris during her 2020 presidential campaign, however, her page has now been made private, the outlet reported.

Since speaking out about Merchan’s daughter, Trump has had a gag order placed over him, which was expanded in April, preventing him from making public statements about witnesses, prosecutors besides the district attorney, court staff and jurors, along with family members of the staff, district attorney or judge. The former has received a fine and threat of jail time after violating the order 10 times.

  • RAY C HESS says:

    on another note,but VERY MUCH aligned with this action,the WHOLE REASON M T G took so much flack from dems in congress,is because she asked which ones were funded by merchans daughter-doesn’t fit the narrative,I guess



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