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Watch: Teen Charged as Adult After He Attacks Two Teachers in School

High schools used to be safer back in the day. Something has changed.

Prosecutors say a high schooler in North Carolina is being charged as an adult for allegedly attacking two separate teachers on school grounds.

The New York Post reports,

Aquavis Hickman, 17, a student at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, was indicted on assault and kidnapping charges last week and charged as a grownup in the two horrific attacks, including an April 15 assault where he slapped a female teacher twice, Fox affiliate WGHP-TV News reported.

“Our message to our community is simple,” Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill told the outlet. “We stand with teachers. We will fight to protect those teachers. And if you lay a hand on a teacher and assault a teacher, you can expect that the punishment will be swift and severe.

“Promise made,” O’Neill said as he announced the indictment Thursday. “Promise kept.”

Hickman was charged with kidnapping and misdemeanor riot in the first incident on Feb. 1, although prosecutors said he was not the sole attacker.

The substitute teacher, Larry Edwards, said he was “appalled” after being pushed in the hallway by several students, including Hickman.

“I walked up to the desk to get my phone to call the office and he mockingly walked behind me, and I happened to turn around and see him and the students started laughing,” Edwards said in a report last week. “The next thing I know he had taken his hand and smushed my head and everybody started laughing and he ran out.”

It was revealed last month that the aggressive teenager smacked the female teacher twice, with video of the attack later going viral – though cops didn’t release it.

“That video went viral nationwide and it put us on the map in a negative manner,” Winston-Salem Police Chief William Penn told the outlet. “I am so glad today that the rest of the nation will also hear that we do not tolerate that in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.”

A grand jury voted last week to indict the teen, transferring the case from juvenile court to Superior Court.


  • Civil War 2025 says:

    This is where we need North Korean laws not only punish the trash thug you also prison 2 generations of his Family like Brothers & Sisters his Parents and his Grand Parents and others for the same crime committed. People will think twice before breaking ANY laws if they know who they take with them!

  • JB says:

    He should be convicted as an adult. He knew what he was doing to do it twice. I hope his parents have trouble finding a lawyer. Kids are not being taught respect and that is on the parents.

  • andrewp05 says:

    no you tolerate it, as he is obviously a repeat offender and you basically green light him to do as he pleases. If that video doesn’t go viral you probably would have let him go.

  • rdj says:

    I am a substitute on occasion…. Would like to have a punk like that put his hands on me… he would wake up a hour later in cuffs… What is wrong with these male subs?? Beat the S— out of them. You are defending yourself !!

  • Grant says:

    What a shame you can’t send him to a penal colony for life. He will never contribute to society or the human race.



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