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Police Make Disturbing Discovery in Accused Gilgo Beach Serial Killer’s Home

Authorities have reportedly found a soundproof room in the basement of accused Gilgo Beach serial Rex Heuermann’s home where at least one woman may have been killed.

The latest development in the investigation, first reported by The New York Post, comes as New York State Troopers and Suffolk County police have been combing through the accused killer’s home for clues since his arrest earlier month.

Photos obtained by Fox News Digital show police using ground penetrating equipment, a backhoe, and cadaver dogs in searching Heuermann’s house in Massapequa Park, New York Sunday.

Police have been carting out boxes of potential evidence from Heuermann’s home all week. The 59-year-old architect has been charged with killing at least three women and was said by a prosecutor to be a suspect in a fourth slaying. Heuermann has denied killing the women, according to his attorney, Michael Brown.

Items pulled out of Heuermann’s home in Massapequa Park in recent days have included more than 200 firearms, a large doll in a glass case, a large portrait of a woman with a bruised face and a filing cabinet.

Investigators, some dressed in “crime lab” T-shirts and protective suits, were seen earlier in the week carting away a desktop computer, a large picture frame, a mirror and many other household items.

The charges were a remarkable development in one of New York’s most notorious mysteries. Starting in 2010, police searching for a missing woman near Long Island’s Gilgo Beach discovered 10 sets of human remains scattered along a long barrier island. The dead included eight women, one man and a young child.

Authorities concluded it was unlikely one person killed all of those victims, but that several of the bodies found relatively close together appeared to have been the likely work of a serial killer.

Heuermann is accused of murdering Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Costello and Megan Waterman. Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney said investigators are continuing to work toward charging him in the death of a fourth victim, Maureen Brainard-Barnes. All four women had been sex workers. Their bodies were found along the same quarter-milestretch of Ocean Parkway.

Investigators in the case have also searched storage units that had been rented by Heuermann, who also owned undeveloped land in South Carolina and a timeshare condominium in Las Vegas.

The missing woman whose disappearance prompted the police search that led to the accidental discovery of the Gilgo Beach remains, Shannan Gilbert, was herself found dead in a nearby coastal marsh in 2011.

Suffolk Police concluded that she drowned accidentally — a finding her family has not accepted, believing she was also killed.

  • don says:

    Probably will be found, not guilty, like the illegal immigrate in Minnesota, because of his mental illness…



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