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Dr. Jordan Peterson Ordered to Undergo ‘Re-Education’ to Keep His Clinical License

Psychologist and former University of Toronto professor Dr. Jordan Peterson was ordered by the Ontario College of Psychologists to undergo a reeducation training program over his social media posts that uphold free speech and speak out against gender ideology and medical mistreatment of minors in service to the lie that humans can change sex.

He received a great deal of support in his quest to not have to undergo reeducation to retain his license, and hundreds rallied on his behalf. Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre also backed Peterson against the authoritarian overreach of the Ontario College of Psychologists, who took the word of people who claimed they where “harmed” by simply seeing Peterson’s remarks online as proof of “harm.”

Peterson spoke about the upcoming verdict a day before it was levied, saying “The decision of an Ontario court re the allegations levied against me by @CPOntario is due tomorrow. I stand by what I have said and done and wish them luck in their continued prosecution. They’re going to need it. I tweeted and otherwise expressed my opposition to trans surgery butchery, @JustinTrudeau and his minions, and the lying climate apocalypse-mongers. All that’s looking pretty good from my end. And if I can’t express such opinions in Canada, I will let the world know.”

He further said that “I will video-record all further hearings and “Mandatory re-education training courses” And broadcast them unedited on @YouTube for the world to see. I swear it by all that is holy.”

Peterson applied for a judicial review, stating that the professional body had no say in his online commentary, which has made him a well-known name in conservative and free speech circles. The Ontario Divisional Court has dismissed that application. They ruled that “the college’s decision falls within its mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest and does not affect his freedom of expression,” CBC reports.

The College required in January that Peterson “…work with either Dr. Erika Abner, LLM, LLB, Ph.D, or Gail Siskind, RN, MA, to review, reflect on, and ameliorate [his] professionalism in public statements,”and to “complete the Coaching Program within six months of receiving the ICRC Decision in this matter.” The cost would be on Peterson to pay, and these consultants charge an hourly rate of $225 per hour. The program could be extended at the discretion of the coach if Peterson’s progress was not to their liking.

Peterson would like to keep his professional licensing in Ontario, stating “I deserve it. I earned it. I haven’t done anything to justify suspending it, and I don’t want to give the hyenas their bones.” He refused to comply with the demand that he undergo this reeducation.

“To clarify,” Peterson said in January, “it’s been decided: I either submit to social media communication retraining or face a disciplinary hearing and possible suspension of my clinical license and the right to represent myself as a psychologist.”

“I have been accused of harming people,” Peterson said in January in response to the demand, “(although none of the complaints involved in the current action were clients of mine, past or present, or were even acquainted with any of my clients.”

The complaints against him were not made by people who had direct, or even secondary contact with him or his clients.

Peterson said that the complainants were comprised of “about a dozen people from all over the world” who “submitted complaints” about his public statements, including those made on social media and during appearances on such podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience.

The College has a Code of Ethics, as referenced in a document obtained by The Post Millennial, which states that “personal behaviour becomes a concern of the discipline only if it is of such a nature that it undermines public trust in the discipline as a whole or if it raises questions about the psychologist’s ability to carry out appropriately his/her responsibilities as a psychologist.”

  • MBeached says:

    I think we need a border wall at the Canadian Border! We have enough crazies already here in the USA. We call them “Democrats”, but their day is coming to a close.

  • Frank Schutter says:

    ah,,,12 people out of 7 billion,,,, ya he needs well a pay raise !!!! Good job doc keep up the good work !!!

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