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Whistleblower Confirms Key Details About Hunter Biden Investigation

The investigation into how the Hunter Biden probe was handled continues to heat up, as the House Oversight Committee on Monday night revealed that they had finished transcribing an interview with a whistleblower who confirmed “key portions” of testimony from IRS whistleblowers.

This whistleblower was described as “a former FBI supervisory agent assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Biden criminal investigation.”

What we have already been told about the investigation into Hunter Biden, who was allowed to plead guilty to gun and tax charges so as to avoid jail time, is shady enough. This whistleblower, according to the committee, has now confirmed that the Secret Service and the Biden transition team were tipped off about an interview planned with Hunter Biden. Such a bombshell revelation made headlines last month.

Multiple interviews had been planned for December 8, 2020, with IRS Supervisor Agent Gary Shapley–an IRS whistleblower–and the former FBI supervisory special agent being assigned to interview Hunter Biden as part of the probe.

However, on December 7, 2020, the agents learned that the FBI headquarters had notified the Secret Service about the interview. “This was not the original plan by the career agents, which frustrated their investigative efforts because people found out who didn’t need to know,” a press release from the House Oversight Committee pointed out.

On December 8, Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent were also told that they could not approach Hunter Biden’s house and would have to wait near his residence, until he contacted them.

But, the story gets worse from there. “The former FBI supervisory special agent told committee investigators he had never been told to wait outside to be contacted by the subject of an investigation,” the press release mentioned. “As a result of these actions, Shapley and the former FBI supervisory special agent never interviewed Hunter Biden.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a statement included in the press release summing up much of what is included in the tweet that the committee sent out. His statement also reveals what the American people can expect next from the Republican-controlled Congress.

“The Justice Department’s efforts to cover up for the Bidens reveals a two-tiered system of justice that sickens the American people. The Oversight Committee, along with the Judiciary Committee and Ways and Means Committee, will continue to seek the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people demand and deserve,” Comer’s statement said in part.

“If confirmed, the explosive allegations leveled by two federal whistleblowers take the Biden family scandal to the next level,” Guy aptly put it last month when reporting on the whistleblower’s testimony about the tipping off that took place. That next level has certainly been reached.

As a pinned tweet to the House Oversight Committee’s account shares, Shapley and “Whistleblower X” are testifying before the committee on Wednesday afternoon. If House Republicans want to deliver on their key promises, including and especially when it comes to getting to the bottom of the Hunter Biden and not just criminal activity, but his shady business deals as well, this very much looks to be a lead worth following.

  • JAW says:

    the bidens are corrupt. bidens doj headed by the weak weasel and corrupt garland and the lying corrupt fbi led by wray are all maggots. period

  • Southeast Missouri says:

    Democrats are Always above the law… it never matters the illegal activities they perpetrated, as never any repercussions. The mainstream liberal media and mob like leftist politicians, it’s just the new normal in the USA.

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