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Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Embattled district attorney Fani Willis accidentally showed off more than she bargained for during a speaking appearance in Miami over the weekend.

The Fulton County prosecutor, 52, attended a ‘Cocktails & Conversation’ event on Friday hosted by the National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO) in the city’s Overtown neighborhood.

Willis – who has made a name for herself by prosecuting Donald Trump over claims he conspired to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election – was billed as the special guest at the free event, held at outdoor venue The Urban.

Members of the public were invited for a night of ‘mingling’, music, cocktails, and ‘engaging in thought-provoking conversations’ with the scandal-plagued DA.

But it was while taking part in that discussion on stage with NABCO president commissioner Kionne McGhee that Willis suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction captured on camera, footage shows.

Willis, who wore a black and white tribal-patterned dress just above the knee, at one point fidgeted around in her seat, inadvertently showing off her black undergarments to the crowd.

She eventually re-positioned herself on the arm chair, tucking her ankle behind the other in apparent bid to avoid exposing herself further.

The Georgia attorney was recently the subject of an evidentiary hearing to determine whether her romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, 51, was a conflict of interest in the DA office indictment against Trump.

When asked what ‘story’ will be used to describe the impact she has had on her community, on Friday she replied: ‘I hope that the memory that I leave people is that ”she fought with everything she had in her being to make life better for those that she served”.’

Later in the weekend, Willis, who is up for re-election later this year, was nowhere to be seen during the first Democrat Party debate for that election.

She skipped out on the debate on Sunday – leaving opponent Christian Wise Smith speaking to an empty podium.

Willis has courted controversy while prosecuting the county’s election interference case against Trump as it was revealed she had a past relationship with Wade.

Her conduct was examined during a series of sensational hearings as to whether her hiring of Wade was a conflict of interest, with Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ultimately slamming her for a ‘tremendous lapse in judgment’ and for acting in an ‘unprofessional manner.’

She escaped with just a slap on the wrist, however, in March when McAfee dramatically ruled she could stay on the Trump election interference case if Wade removed himself.

The judge also said an ‘odor of mendacity’ was left hanging over the trial.

But he stopped short of ruling that the relationship constituted an actual conflict of interest.

Wade fronted the team of lawyers Willis assembled to prosecute the case since the previous president and 18 others were indicted in August, but their relationship led to concerns the couple could pursue financial gain through the proceedings.

Willis has said she’s ‘not embarrassed’ by the relationship and that efforts to ‘slow down’ the progress of the case against Trump by his defense team have been unsuccessful.

‘I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed. Let’s say it for the record – I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve done,’ she told CNN at a community event in College Park, Atlanta in late March.

‘I guess my greatest crime is I had a relationship with a man, but that’s not something that I find embarrassing in any way.

‘I know that I have not done anything that is illegal.’

Referring to two months of hearings and court action over her relationship, she added: ‘While that was going on, we were writing responsive briefs, we were still doing the case in a way that it needed to be done.

‘I don’t feel like we’ve been slowed down at all. I do think there are efforts to slow down this train, but the train is coming.’

The comments came as defense attorneys continue to press claims about her handling of a sprawling prosecution against the former president and current GOP presumptive nominee.

Trump faces four felony indictments — including separate federal and state cases for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election that he lost to President Joe Biden.

His team has fought to delay and dismiss the cases, arguing that political opponents are wrongly targeting him.

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