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Pro-Palestine Protesters Violently Storm Columbia’s Hamilton Hall After Order to Disperse

After anti-Israel protesters were ordered to disperse from their nearly two-week encampment on Columbia University’s campus, the situation escalated dramatically on Thursday evening when protesters violently stormed Hamilton Hall.

Video from the scene shows rioters using hammers and crowbars windows and bringing in a number of objects, including bike racks and picnic tables in order to occupy the building. Rioters could be heard chanting “we will not stop, we will not rest,” as they smashed windows in order to open locked doors in the building.

Others chanted “Israel is a terror state” and “… occupation no more.”

The situation escalated dramatically shortly after midnight on Tuesday, as the days-long protest devolved into a riot.

Protesters emulated a similar situation observed at Cal Poly Humboldt, where protesters stormed then occupied a campus building. Police clashed with rioters last week, though they were ultimately unable to dislodge them from the building.

The building was soon renamed “Intifada Hall” by protesters, who have “occupied” it for more than a week.

In-person classes at both Columbia and Cal Poly Humboldt have been cancelled for the remainder of the year as a result of the disturbances.

Rioters have demanded that Columbia completely divest from Israeli-linked companies, cut ties with Israeli universities, drop all charges against the protesters and calls for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. While some of their demands have been met, the situation still devolved into a riot on Tuesday morning.

A number of individuals dressed in black bloc, Antifa-style clothing could be seen smashing windows and crawling into additional buildings around the campus. At Hamilton Hall, similarly dressed rioters unveiled a banner reading “Hind’s Halll,” seemingly indicating that it had been “renamed.”

The name seemingly refers to a five-year-old Palestinian girl who was killed as a result of the conflict.

  • ron says:

    A protest doesnt disrupt services, harass, cover their faces for a foriegn country. That is Terrorism.
    If Election 2020 wasnt stolen by Domestic Terrorist Democrats when wouldnt have the total breakdown of Americans Security.

  • Dorothy says:

    They are just a bunch of terrorists doing their job to keep chaos going in our country. I would not even mention them or what they do, they are getting free publicity. I would just jail them and treat them like the Jan. 6 people who protested peacefully and still went to jail. Only problem, these are true terrorists who are getting away with their evil ways.

  • Rob says:

    Democrats these are your people making liberals proud everywhere ,they should ship those POS over to gaza where they belong and Israel should bomb the hell out of them

  • A. Michaels says:

    Had there been one red MAGA hat in that crowd, then we would have seen some FBI on the scene to be sure.



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