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Video: Jewish Girl on UCLA Campus Beaten to the Ground – Sent to Hospital

According to That Korean Jew on Instagram the girl was surrounded by five people wearing keffiyehs and bludgeoned in the head while they stomped on her Israeli flag.

The girl reportedly lost consciousness and her body went limp.

She was carried away and sent to the Emergency Room.

This was at UCLA campus!

That Korean Jew added: We are experiencing a nation-wide pogrom led by college student “activists.” This is UCLA. This is their “intifada” chant in practice!


The Jewish girl’s head was bleeding after the assault.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Jewish girl at UCLA sent to the ER after being beaten unconscious by pro-Palestine protesters.

The incident reportedly happened at Dickerson Plaza.

According to ‘ThatKoreanJew’ on IG who is a medical student at UCLA, the girl was surrounded by 5 people.

She suffered a concussion and was unable to recognize her family when she initially woke up.

Thankfully she is in stable condition now.

Source: ThatKoreanJew on IG.

  • John sweet says:

    Just look at who is “Teaching” them what is moralistically correct! Educational values sure have taken on DEI standards, do you suppose that had any affect on this event?
    Hold the attackers accountable for a Terrorist attack based on religious ideology! Expelling them would seem very appropriate!

  • J says:

    These animals need to b dealt with, PERMANENTLY.

    Held Gitmo for Domestic terrorism awaiting trial at Nuremberg 2.0

    its time these Nazis were wiped from this world forever.



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