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Watch: Trans YouTuber Harasses Foreign Pizza Shop Owner Over ‘Misgendering’

It’s not a secret how entitled and narcissistic the younger generations have become, particularly those who have bought into the LGBTQ gender ideology nonsense, and our favorite account, Libs of TikTok, is an expert in showcasing those individuals!

Watch as this young man berates a foreign pizza shop owner who is not a native English speaker over ‘misgendering’ him:

The YouTuber goes by the name ‘Jae Gottlieb’, but his TikTok has more viewers and interactions than his YouTube channel. According to his website, ‘Jae’s following primarily comes from her all day long live streams, where she allows viewers a peak into her daily life living in the city.’ In other words, this boy lives his life ENTIRELY online. His existence consists solely of likes, views, clicks, and superficial engagements.

Such sad little lives they lead.

Our thoughts exactly.

Thankfully, some good came out of this, though!

That’s just too frickin’ funny!

Clearly anyone or anything that carries a purse, has their nails done, and has long hair is now a woman. That certainly simplifies biology classes, doesn’t it? It will finally be easier than rocket science! Sorry ladies with short hair and unpainted nails who don’t carry a purse, Jae has spoken.

Oh Lordy…

Of course he was. When your life begins and ends on social media, sometimes you just have to generate your own drama to keep your audience interested.

However, it seems that those of us that live here in the real world are getting really fed up with this kind of behavior. To loosely quote Danny Glover, we’re getting too old for this … stuff.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence!

The full post here reads:

We live amongst a younger generation that can only survive if OTHERS: 1) agree with them at all times 2) affirm and confirm what / who they are 3) disagree, you’re a Nazi. They are the generation of narcissism. These people should be shamed, openly called out and NEVER APOLOGIZED too. Let the left eat their own.

It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment.

So would we! Who else is craving pizza now?

  • Anna says:

    I would have asked if he had a penis, and then told him yep, you’re a man with issues.

  • Dickie (Digger) O'Dell says:

    PISS on HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John sweet says:

    That the truth of the matter is we are making excuses for a mental illness that is counter to the fact that we are born male or female does nothing to change that fact! Giving in to their delusions only deepens the acceptance of such activities and encourages others into believing that the mentally ill should not be cured!

  • M says:

    The day I get lectured on misgendering some daffodil is the day they will be truly trans-formed. Screw these mental cases spreading their stupid ideology.



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