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Elementary School Teacher, 24, Busted for ‘Making Out’ with 5th-Grader — Three Months Before Wedding

A 24-year-old Wisconsin elementary school teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly “making out” with her fifth-grade student — less than three months before her wedding.

Madison Bergmann’s alleged abuse of the 11-year-old boy came to light when the student’s mother overheard her son talking to the teacher on the phone, CBS News Minnesota reported.

The victim’s parents allegedly found texts between the pair, and the boy’s father then stormed into River Crest Elementary School with printouts of the conversations.

The deranged text chain included messages from Bergmann allegedly discussing multiple encounters inside the classroom during lunch or after school.

She is also accused of telling the child how much she enjoyed him touching her and “making out,” the charging documents state.

Inside her bag, police also found a folder with the victim’s name on it containing many handwritten notes talking about how much they kissed one another, the charges allege.

In one of the letters, Bergmann allegedly wrote, “One of my cousins is in the 5th grade and I can’t imagine a man talking to her how we talk. I know we have a special relationship and I do love you more than anyone in the world but I have to be the adult here and stop.”

It’s not clear how long the abuse had been going on, but Bergmann told investigators she was given the boy’s phone number by his mother in December when his family invited who they thought was a beloved teacher with them to the Afton Alps for winter break.

That was the same month she became engaged to her longtime boyfriend, her social media shows.

According to the document, when officers asked about text exchanges between the two, Bergmann invoked her right to an attorney.

The accused pervert has since been placed on administrative leave and barred from contacting any district students, parents or staff, the Hudson School District told parents the same day as her arrest.

“Learning about a school staff member and alleged inappropriate conduct that breaches trust is deeply troubling for all of us,” the message states.

According to her social media, Bergmann was set to be married in July — less than three months from when she was arrested.

She began teaching at River Crest Elementary in 2022, a milestone she celebrated with a photo of her classroom on Facebook.

“Can’t wait for school to start!” she ominously wrote.

Bergmann faces one count of first-degree child sexual assault.

She was released on a $25,000 signature bond.

  • One says:

    Wow! To ruin your entire life at 24 years of age – for a few kisses from an 11-year-old. She’s not only crushed her chances of being a teacher (or living anywhere near a school) for the rest of her life, she’ll be branded a sex offender, (for the rest of her life), which whittles her chances for ANY type of good-paying job down to about 25%. Now let’s look at her future love life: Well, she’s not a raving beauty. But it really doesn’t matter. She’s not going to have time to ‘date’, even if she finds someone/(anyone) who’s interested, because she’ll be bartending and/or bussing/waiting on tables for the next 10 years to pay off that college debt. Congratulations, honey! Your perversely mental illness hit the jackpot right out of the gate…

  • Dorothy says:

    This woman sounds like she is in desperate measures to go with an 11 year old. She needs mental help. She is supposed to get married in July, and I hope her husband to be, dumps her real quick. She is dangerous and deranged.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    if you really look at this “teacher”, my guess is she is a he! a trans! look closely!!!



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