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Japanese Government Responds to Biden Calling Them Xenophobic

The Japanese government has released a response to President Biden’s recent comments asserting that the island nation is “xenophobic” for not accepting more immigrants.

Biden told the audience at a Wednesday campaign fundraiser that the U.S. economy is dominant “because we welcome immigrants.”

“Why is China stalling so badly economically? Why is Japan having trouble? Why is Russia? Why is India? Because they’re xenophobic,” the president said.

Japanese officials at the embassy in Washington, D.C. told Fox News Digital that they had spoken to the Biden administration about the remarks and were informed the president’s words were not meant to be derogatory.

“We are aware that the U.S. government has clarified that President Biden’s comment was made in the context of explaining that the U.S. is a nation of immigrants and that immigrants make the U.S. stronger, and that his comment was not made with the intent of undermining the importance and permanence of the Japan-U.S. relationship,” the embassy told Fox News Digital.

However, the officials also said Biden’s “xenophobic” comments were “not based on an accurate understanding of Japan’s policies,” calling the situation “unfortunate.”

“It is unfortunate that some of the comments were not based on an accurate understanding of Japan’s policies, and we have raised this point to the U.S. government and explained Japan’s positions and policies once again,” the officials said.

The Japanese government struck a diplomatic tone in its message, affirming that “Prime Minister Kishida’s official visit in April demonstrated [that] the Japan-U.S. relationship is stronger than ever,” and they “will continue to work with the U.S. to further strengthen our bilateral tie.”

Several Japanese lawmakers reacted to Biden’s comments on social media immediately following the controversy, expressing confusion or skepticism towards the president’s tone.

“Migration is a problem that European leaders are struggling with, too. There aren’t any countries that have solved this problem as of now,” said Mizuho Umemura, a member of the conservative Nippon Ishin no Kai Party who holds a seat in the House of Councilors.

She continued, “I hope that President Biden will solve the problem in New York before he says things like this. Depending on the presidential election, there could be a 180-degree change in policy, and there is no need for Japan to follow suit.”

Fellow House of Councilors member and leader of the right-wing populist Sansei Party Sohei Kamiya was more direct, writing, “It’s not that we’re xenophobic, we are being cautious after seeing your failures. You are meddling too much in our internal affairs.”

  • k says:

    Hmm, Xenophobic???

    Why doesn’t Biden stop meddling in our ally affairs~ look @ the state America is in by him “INVITING” well over 25+ million “ILLEGAL ALIENS” into America & the wars Biden has created as tensions mount & “DEATH TO AMERICA” is being chanted…

    Way too much has been spilled since Biden was “PLANTED” in office ~ you’d think those 81 million that voted Biden in would wake up after 50 yrs. in office prior to this “INSULT” to America for being an American president that “HONOURS, PRESERVES & DEFENDS” America~ what a joke???

    13 dead veterans in Afghanistan alone is way too much blood spilled, “BUT” allowing the Israel war to escalate as well as the Ukraine war… smh

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    Diversity IS NOT our strength. It’s what’s destroying this country and it’s by design. It’s a marxist conspiracy.

  • ChomoJoe Is aPOS says:

    Brown Brains Biden is SUCH a shitbird. First he pisses on Amerika, the Amerikan people, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then he pisses on every ally we have, including Japan.

    They just need to keep him in the house until he is either impeached, arrested for treason or gets his incontinent ass handed to him by President Trump in November.

    Everybody knows full well that if they let Chomo Joe out of the house, he will either fall on his ass or shit his pants like he did when he met the Pope at the Vatican.

    Just keep his alzheimer’s addled ass in the house and whatever you do, keep the nuclear football the hell away from him!



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