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‘I’ve Been Totally Ghosted’: After Install, Solar Panels Become Maintenance Nightmare

The green new deal and switch to “alternative’ energy looks like it’s going exactly as planned: costing the taxpayer trillions of dollars and generally pissing everybody off.

That was the case with a number of solar panel owners who are now finding it difficult to get their panels serviced, according to WBAL TV.

Solar panel installation is touted as offering benefits like reduced energy costs, environmental friendliness, and significant rebates. However, many homeowners have discovered a concerning issue within the industry: addressing technical problems can be exceedingly challenging — if not outright impossible.

Those interviewed shared experiences with various solar providers, each facing prolonged unresolved issues.

Tom Lucas, who installed solar panels in 2018, initially saw higher electricity production. Yet, by 2022, 20% of his system failed, leading to considerable losses. Despite having a 25-year warranty from Invaleon Solar Technologies, the issue remains unaddressed.

Lucas commented: “I’ve been totally ghosted. All I want is a working system. To me, even though I’m generating some electricity, it’s not right.”

Lucas added: “They’re a sales-oriented company. All solar companies are. They want to sell the next job. They want to get that installed and move on to the next sale. They’re not service-oriented.”

Steve Pilotte, an early solar adopter, has experienced ongoing problems since 2009. His current provider, Sunrun, has been unresponsive in fixing an inverter issue that started in 2020, despite multiple technician visits.

“Once again, in 2022, I followed up with them. And then 2023. And January 2024. I’m totally lost. I’ve never experienced a situation like this in my life.”

Mike Rice, who leases from Spruce Power, saw his electricity costs drop significantly until 2023 when his meter malfunctioned. Despite the fault, Spruce has not compensated him for the energy lost during peak production times.

“No one called me to tell me my system is out. Not even credits. I’d just take credits so I can offset my future bills, but they won’t do that,” Rice said.

“I think they’re more interested in putting solar up than repairing it,” he concluded.

  • One says:

    Every single article about ‘going green’ to ‘save the environment’ need the FACTS included in that article.

    FACT: 68% of ALL water, air, and ground pollution in the world are created by 3 countries: China, India, and Asia.

    FACT: There are DOZENS of CREDIBLE EVIDENCED reports which show the U.S. accounts for not 20% of pollution in the entire world.

    The propaganda information regarding windmills, solar panels, EV’s are the secondary spin-off products being ‘sold’ as a packaged ‘bill of goods’, and will result in nothing less than BILLIONS of dollars going into global elites’ pockets. This is what we’re dealing w/ now, after 25 years of propaganda information, attempting to convince you of AN INTANGEABLE ENTITY WHICH DOES NOT EXIST.


    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ catastrophe which will occur in our lifetime, (nor anyone else’s).

    These are HOAXES, perpetrated onto the masses by global elites and their ‘foundations’ to further facilitate a NWO agenda.

  • One says:

    When a company shows no responsibility to ‘right a wrong’, or fix a problem, they’re taking advantage of others financially. When this happens, you give them adequate accommodations to fix things w/i a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t respond in a responsible manner. You simply (and responsibly) take care of business the way business is supposed to be taken care of. You find those responsible for your financial loss, and you give them what my Father used to call – a ‘hospital job’. Let them sit in there for a few days and understand the gravity of the situation when their actions (or inactions) cause negative consequences for others. Usually this works. (I state – usually). There are those few ‘moronic ignorants’ who just don’t catch on after a first warning. Solution? You do it again…and again, and again, and again, until they finally realize it’s just easier to not take advantage of people.

    BTW, this strategy also works on bullies. From grade school bullies to those who never had the advantage of experiencing this strategy and who grew up to be adult bullies.


  • TD says:

    Don’t work very well as time gos on and after 25 years you have to replace them because they are worn out, You get a hail storm in your area they will be done for instantly, Windmills are even worse with the Maintenance and waring out

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    Solar, like EVs, is junk. It’ll only take one event that blocks the sun to make the totally useless. They also add to overall temperatures because they get so hot. They kill wildlife and destroy the environment where they’re placed. Their makeup is toxic and can’t be recycled. Most of this junk comes from China. When you buy that garbage you’re building the CCP military that WILL attack us in the not so distant future. They ought to be outlawed.

  • ChomoJoe Is aPOS says:

    A woman I know had a solar panel company try to do a sales job on her. She said the panel installation was going to cost her over $30,000.

    She crunched the numbers, and found that it would take 32 years for the solar panels to pay for themselves in energy cost savings. Probably longer than that, if we calculate in the rising costs of energy she would have to buy over that 32 year period.




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