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Watch: Prankster Calls Harvard About Admitting Her Hamas Terrorist Son

Harvard University has received a lot of flak recently for the anti-Semitism that seems to thrive on its campus. Recently, 33 student groups at Harvard University signed a letter expressing support for Hamas and its attack on Israel and blaming Israel for the war. Professors at prestigious universities have been causing controversy over their reactions to the Israel-Hamas war, and according to reports, Jewish students at various schools are terrified.

One prankster decided to see just how bad things are at Harvard and made a prank call to Harvard Admissions.

In the call, the woman presents herself as the mother of Hameed, whom she says “was one of the Hamas fighters who participated in the fight of October 7. A real political activist.”

“So I wanted to ask if you have some kind of political activism scholarship,” she continues.

“No, all of our scholarships are need-based,” the Harvard Admissions person informs her. “There aren’t any merit-based scholarships.”

“It would not help if he says that he is [a] Hamas fighter?” she asks for clarification.

“Everything that a student does helps them in the process,” he replies, seemingly unaware he is being pranked.

“Okay, so that would be helpful if you write down that he was in the October 7 massacre?”

“In addition to everything else, our process looks at the student’s entire secondary school career both inside and outside of the classroom,” the man from admissions explains.

“And the massacre, is an advantage right?” she asks.

“Every… any of their activities. We look at all of their activities outside of the classroom.”

It gets even more hilarious (and, frankly, disturbing) from there, but you should really listen to the call and watch the accompanying animation yourself.

In fairness, the Harvard admissions man does seem to eventually become skeptical of the call but not enough to end it abruptly or to stop giving the woman his seemingly straight responses to her outlandish questions, which would have horrified most people.

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  • Robin says:

    It’s sad to think that all the liberal Jews created this mess with their funding of the cesspool universities and news organizations and the Biden administration! What’s really idiotic is the lgbt+fjb support for hamas, they wil be the first hamas kills by throwing them off the roof tops! Some people just have to learn the hard way, oh well!

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