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Watch: Expectant Father Breaks Down After Losing Battle to Keep His Baby Alive

In a deeply moving moment during Kristan Hawkins’ “No Abortion, No Exceptions” Tour at Florida International University, Tommy Kearns, a grieving father, shared his heart-wrenching story over the loss of his unborn daughter, Clementine.

Kristan Hawkins, the CEO of the Pro-Life Generation, is advocating for the abolishment of abortion. Her tour is a direct challenge to the exploitation of tragic personal stories by “abortion-loving politicians” to push their “anti-woman, anti-baby, and anti-life agenda.”

Kearns, who drove three hours to speak, recounted the painful experience of his daughter Clementine’s abortion.

Kearns recounted his desperate pleas to the mother of his child not to proceed with the abortion. Despite their five-month debate and his unconditional love for both his child and her mother, his pleas were in vain.

“Before I get into my question, I just wanted to say my daughter’s name is Clementine,” Kearns began. “She was five months along when she was aborted. My daughter was healthy. I begged her mother not to go through with the abortion. For five months, we went back and forth. I don’t hate her. I love her, and I’m working on forgiving her.”

“She was confused, she was uncertain, and she had doubts. Mike Tyson has doubts before he gets into a ring. This was an option, and she took that option, and she regrets it now. ”

“This is just a thought that just came into my head; why do you think that people dehumanize my Clementine? Why wasn’t she human enough for people to help me mourn? Why wasn’t she human enough for people to talk about?” Kearns asked, struggling to understand how society could disregard his grief and the humanity of his unborn daughter.

He drew a personal comparison, noting that his mother was born prematurely at the same stage of pregnancy at which Clementine was aborted, emphasizing the potential for life that was extinguished.

Kearns expressed his devastation over not having the chance to say goodbye to his daughter or mourn her as one would with a born child.

“My daughter was five months. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my daughter. I didn’t know about the abortion until after it happened… She was ripped apart. My daughter doesn’t get a funeral. My daughter doesn’t get respect… How much money did they make off of my daughter’s body?”

“My daughter was a person. My daughter is an angel, and I pray for her every single day. I talk to her. I still feel like she’s there. I feel like on July 20th, my daughter is going to be there.”

Kearn expressed his deep connection to Clementine, emphasizing that she was more than just a biological term; she was a growing life that held significant emotional value to him.

“I have her sonogram picture the first time I heard her heartbeat, and I bring this up to people, and I say, ‘Well, she had a heartbeat. Wasn’t she a person?’… For five months, I’m told by my friends, I’m crying over somebody I never met before,” he said, confronting the dismissive attitudes towards his mourning. He reveals the isolation he feels, surrounded by people who diminish his daughter’s existence to merely being “a fetus” and not a “person.”

“My daughter not only matters, but I do not want my daughter to be forgotten. I want my daughter’s story to be talked about. I want her to be remembered. She wasn’t just a fetus.”

The agony is palpable as Kearns recounts the haunting images and nightmares that linger after researching the medical procedures associated with abortion.

His speech also touched on the wider political and societal implications of abortion laws, calling them “evil laws” that need to be challenged and changed.

“My question is really for society. Why doesn’t my daughter matter? Why wasn’t she enough? Why didn’t she get a chance to live? And ultimately, no, I’m not blaming my ex. She had doubts, and she regrets it. Ultimately, this is our government’s fault. We’ve stopped evil laws in the past, in America and in Germany… We came together and we stopped evil laws. This is an evil law that killed my daughter,” Kearn said.

The speech ended with a plea for remembrance and a call to action, urging society to think of Clementine and to keep her memory alive.

Here’s a heart-wrenching video of Kearns talking about his daughter Clementine:

Watch Kearns full speech at the event:

  • Those who die still a sinner whether they’re in the womb or not are still condemned already and there is no second chance no limbo no Purgatory none of that garbage! There is certain requirements and conditions for salvation because with every promise of God there’s always a condition don’t try to confuse it with the unconditional love of God terms! Because there are even conditions involved in Salvation through Christ that are required such as repentance and bringing forth proof of fruits for repentance otherwise there would be no hell or no threat of hell and God is just going to save them all anyway! the Bible teachesthat all through it there’s the Sheep and the goats The Narrow Path the wide path and the list goes on! A lot of people soft pedal salvation even after death like you can pray to Mary and she’ll save you or recommend you for salvation pluck you out of purgatory or limbo wherever you may be as though she’s an intercessor for God which she is not there is only one intercessor and there’s only one way through Christ! If that is not accomplished it’s not done so you’re condemned already no exceptions! Now this is where people say well surely God’s love and God is all love God is also Wrath and judgment people have forgotten that part of it! I state again abortion is not just murder it’s a sacrifice to Satan you hand that baby over to Satan just as much as the children of God in the old days would put their newborn babies in the red hot hands of moloch!

  • david L dempsey says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Please stay strong and positive.

  • vickie says:

    there is no way i could forgive the mother who did this…………why at five months did she think she had the right to destroy a human being…this is murder….the pro abortion people think that babies are not human beings….not until they breathe…but hey that five month old was breathing..she had all her parts…she was viable…yet they tear her body apart to abort her..i never knew that…maybe they do that so they can make sure they murder the baby…GOD IS WATCHING THIS…i hope this man can over come his grief…..but i say i wouldnt want to be with his wife or girlfriend whatever she was because she can do it again…..she has no respect for human life…



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