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Trump’s DC Trial Has Been Paused

U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Columbia Tanya Chutkan put a hold on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 incitement case against President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon, saying she no longer has jurisdiction to oversee the proceedings.

The delay comes as the Supreme Court engages in an emergency review, requested by Special Counsel Jack Smith earlier this week, to determine whether Trump can be prosecuted for conduct carried out while he was still in his official capacity at the White House.

“As the D.C. Circuit recently made clear, a former President’s absolute immunity would constitute ‘an entitlement not to stand trial or face the other burdens of litigation.’ Thus, because Defendant has appealed this court’s denial of that immunity, ‘whether the litigation may go forward in the district court is precisely what the court of appeals must decide,'” Chutkan wrote in the opinion. “Consequently, the court agrees with both parties that Defendant’s appeal automatically stays any further proceedings that would move this case towards trial or impose additional burdens of litigation on Defendant.”

Trump’s trial was set to start on March 4. With this delay, that date will likely be pushed back.

  • RM says:

    I suppose this is good news for Donald J. Trump.

    This case has an error impropriety of many wrongs that the Appointed Jack Smith has started It seems to me this whole matter should be dropped and kicked to the curb.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    it should be dismissed completely



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