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Trump Docs Judge Hands Prosecutors Setback

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday rejected a request from special prosecutor Jack Smith’s legal team amid pre-trial wrangling in the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump.

Trump has been accused of mishandling classified documents, an allegation he rejects.

Smith’s team had sought a protective order to govern the use of the classified documents that are part of the case. “The language of the government’s filing indicated the [Department of Justice] wants some materials given to Trump’s lawyers to be off-limits to the former president,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Cannon rejected the request to impose the order, citing a “lack of meaningful conferral” between the two sides.

The court filing from the prosecution noted that the Classified Information Procedures Act “provides that the Court shall issue an order, upon the request of the United States, ‘to protect against the disclosure of any classified information disclosed by the United States to any defendant in any criminal case.’”

The issue appears to be that Trump’s defense team was not given enough time to respond to the prosecution’s request for a protective order.

The filing said that the government sent the proposed order to Trump’s team on July 12 and was told that the defense would “object to certain provisions” of it.

The prosecution said it sought a call with defense attorneys on July 14 “to see if it was possible to address the Defendants’ concerns. Defense counsel informed the Government that they were not available that day but could find a time for a call the following week.”

Smith’s team wanted the judge to force Trump’s team to make their objections on an “expedited schedule.” Instead, she rejected the government’s request for a protective order altogether.

The decision was made “without prejudice,” which means the government can file a revised motion.

The major issue in the procedural pushing and shoving has been setting the date of the trial. The prosecution wants it to begin in December; Trump’s side has called for a delay until after the 2024 presidential election.

  • John says:

    The uncorrupted prosecutors who are in part of the democratic communist and child raping Epstein Island vacationing sexual deviate luciferian perverts need to look at the background of this Democrats succubus pedophile embracing criminal illegal alien coddling communist fake non-public appointed Democrats fascist Court judge and all the other weaponized Democrat communist judicial agencies and corrupted woke dope fascist judges, and give them an ultimatum of life imprisonment for high treason crimes against American constitutionally protected people Emma or leave the country to one of her favorite communist contributing donors country

  • truth4lifetoo says:

    This whole mess of charge after charge has really upset me and then with Smith “water boarding” all those who worked for Trump. Nancy Pelosi got angry when Obama was first president against the CIA or who ever “water boarding” people when they were being charged for a crime to break them down mentally and they have been doing this with Trump and his staff. These are evil people and Smith is part of it. If Pelosi was able to stop the water boarding so could Biden and those in charge. Enough of this evil!!

  • Linda Fangmeier says:

    To deny the defense accused access to classified documents is mute. Its obvious the papers are no longer classified when court clerks without security clearances and other mirad of paper shufflers handle those docs. Its clear the prosecutors is denying Trump his rights. Trumps top secret security clearance has never been revoked. So what is the prosecutor trying to add in that wasnt there in the beginning? The Stormy Daniels case was concluded then reopened. I personally da3w a hand written letter showing Trumps innocents and sign by her yet Boggs continues, is being investigated himself for misuse of taxpayer funds. The timing is political election interference on all these cases. In case this one didnt pan out then lets add a 3rd on J6 that was closed once democrats lost Congress. Wasting taxpayer funds is nothing new to democrats they just hit the Taxpayer ATM if its empty print some more. This entire government is far left field of the Constitution. We the People decide whos president not political machines, the press or foriegn countries.

  • Joe says:

    If Xiden was the answer what was the question.

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