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Steven Crowder’s Viral Video in a Black Barbershop Shows Americans Less Divided Than Media Portrays

On Wednesday, Steven Crowder released his latest video, in which he and his crew sit down and have real conversations with ordinary Americans in a space that has long been a mainstay of the African-American community, the barbershop.

While getting his beard trimmed, Crowder spoke with the barbers about a number of issues facing every citizen, black and white, and proved that Americans have way more in common than the media would like them to believe.

Crowder opened the piece, titled Black & White on Gray Issues, by slamming legacy media for attempting to sow division along racial lines via overemphasis on isolated incidents that show animosity between white and black Americans.

He pointed out that the mainstream portrayal of race relations in the country “doesn’t match up at all” with his “lived experiences,” and urged the media to move away from the extremes and focus more on what brings people together.

The following 55 minutes were packed with deep, insightful, and often comedic discussions about everything from cancel culture to the economy.

The group of barbers lamented the attempts to banish certain comedians such as Dave Chappelle from the stage over their “offensive” jokes, praising him for not capitulating to the mob.

The conversation eventually found its way to what is widely considered a major root cause of the problems facing American society these days: lack of community.

“It’s too easy for a person to isolate themselves,” a barber known as Big Mike said. “It’s much much easier for you to stand outside and just watch your phone than truly interact. Because we work in a barber shop, this is not forced interaction, but this is an outlier. People come in here looking for the interaction, but this isn’t the norm.”

Big Mike pointed out that the younger generation’s social skills are “very poor,” with many unable to even hold a conversation in real life.

“We’ll see them in here,” he said, “they’ll be sitting chairs apart, and they’ll text back and forth rather than just have a communication!”

During his visit to the barber shop, Crowder painted a picture that stands in stark contrast to the one pushed by the media, but it was nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary; it was simply an unfiltered view into the reality of life in America.

  • Mad as helk says:

    All people have to do is read the Marxist plan. Its been out there for decades. Its written very plain. This that we are living in literally hits every step including racial division. I urge everyone to read it. Know your enemy. Don’t take my sword for it. Read it. Know what’s coming.

  • Donald says:

    Stop foriegn investment and ownership of all American media including print, broadcast and internet to combat globalism, communism and the weaponizing of government against citizens. We had a free and honest press until a couple of decades ago when Ruoert Murdock spearheaded legislation to allow foriegn ownership. That legislation marked the end of a free press and was a dark day for America.

  • PatriotRWB says:

    Living in the Deep South, I rarely find racism a problem. Does it exist? Certainly, but the vast majority of the folks I come into contact with are civil, courteous, friendly and respectful. Folks are just folks if you really get to know them. In our area Black and White grew up together, go to church together, work the same jobs and root with one voice for our high school teams. Skin color isn’t the issue. Divisive leaders, Democrats, pundits, politicians and the leftist media want us to believe that racism is an all-consuming issue in America. Reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.



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