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Real or Hoax? Couple Riding Train Through Colorado Mountains Claim They Captured Footage of a Bigfoot

A couple riding a train through Colorado claim that they inadvertently captured footage of a Bigfoot.

In the clip which you can watch below, a tall figure is seen walking across the landscape before sitting down on the ground.

Is this a hoax or is there a logical explanation for the figure in the video?

PJ Media reported:

Bigfoot Caught on Video in Colorado Mountains

A Colorado couple, Shannon and Stetson Parker, were taking a trip through the mountains on a narrow-gauge steam-powered train on Sunday. The train ride passes through San Juan National Forest, which is nearly 2 million acres of wild, mountainous terrain. Not only that, but the park abuts another wildlife preserve, the Rio Grande National Forest, which also encompasses close to 2 million acres. The vastness of the wild open space in this part of the country could certainly provide a haven for Bigfoot to thrive undetected — if he exists.

The Parkers were enjoying the stunning view outside the train windows and watching for wildlife, so they were perfectly positioned to spot the Sasquatch as he went about his business. They and a fellow passenger were able to capture video and still images of the elusive creature.

It could be someone who is suited up in camo for hunting or even someone in a Bigfoot suit.

It’s certainly fun to think about and provides a little break from all the horrible news that’s happening right now.

Here’s the clip:

  • Rhett (Pedro) says:

    A man in a ghillie suit.

  • EZ says:

    lost illegal

  • Big mike says:

    I personally studied Bigfoot for many years and have observed him on his natural habitat. This squatch was not squatting down to hide! If you look closely the field is full of blackberry bushes. Blackberry is a natural laxative and takes affect instantly. This particular squatch was stopped dead in his tracks with a severe attack of the shits! He could care less about the train. That 9 foot humanoid was reduced to a hairy shit covered mess in a few minutes by some blackberries! You can see how he was shaking his head in pain from Sasquatch sized gas pains! If he was hiding from the train he would have ran when he heard the train coming not when the train was passing him!

    I wonder if the squatches talk about us and all the stupid things we do?
    I can see them laughing at us with all this confusion about genders. This is probably why they and the aliens completely ignore us and want nothing to do with us!

  • Joeclark says:

    Biden would have a field day smelling Bigfoots children’s hair and smelling Bigfoots ball sack!

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