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Prisons on Lockdown in San Francisco as City Begs for Help from National Guard

Two San Francisco County jails were placed on lockdown Sunday afternoon and a request for help from the National Guard was issued as officials reported that attacks against jail deputies are on the rise.

“Recent incidents have shocked the community, including a sharp rise in prisoner fights, attacks on prisoners by other inmates, and injuries to both civilian employees and deputy sheriffs. These dangerous incidents underscore the pressing need for intervention to ensure the safety and security of all within the jails,” The San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association (SFDSA) said in a statement on Sunday.

Sheriff officials reported that since March 29, at least seven staff members have been injured by inmates, including two who sustained serious injuries.

The SFDSA association’s president, Ken Lomba, demanded that San Francisco city leaders request the deployment of the California National Guard to assist with staffing issues.

“I am writing to urgently address the escalating violence within the San Francisco Jails, a situation that demands immediate action,” the letter read. “Given the severity of these challenges, I demand that you immediately request deployment of the California National Guard to temporarily supplement our current staffing levels.”

Lomba explains that a crisis that has been worsening since 2020. He says the SFDSA stresses that the City and Sheriff’s Office must act swiftly to address this pressing issue and bolster safety and security within the jails.

In the letter, the SFDSA claimed 2023 saw at least 240 reported incidents of prisoner fights, a 58% increase from 2022, and that the reported attacks on inmates against other inmates rose 79% over the same period.

“As the situation in San Francisco County Jails reaches a critical point, the SFDSA’s demand for increased staffing and National Guard support raises a crucial question: ‘Will Mayor London Breed and President of the Board of Supervisors Aaron Peskin prioritize the hiring of more deputy sheriffs and the deployment of the California National Guard?’” Lomba asked.

Lomba reiterated that the safety and well-being of deputies, inmates, and the community hang in the balance.

“It is imperative that swift and decisive action be taken to address staffing shortages and ensure a safer environment for all,” Lomba said.

Due to the lockdowns, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office announced that visitations, programs, and services have been canceled.

“Attacks on deputies directly affect the safety of everyone in jail including our staff, community members who work in the jail, and the incarcerated,” the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

However, officials said normal operations should resume next week.

“We are actively investigating these incidents to ascertain their root causes and any potential correlation. It is imperative that we identify and address the factors contributing to these assaults to prevent future occurrences,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

  • TD says:

    Now they have just as much crime inside the jail as outside the jail, California, is it a surprise

  • Don says:

    Time for copious quantities of wood shampoos. Their whole justice system out there is wacko land. FAFO


    what else would you expect in a sanctuary city controlled by Democrats? The city gets what it deserves. Close the border, now and send all the illegals back and I mean all illegals. We only want legal immigrants to enter.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Nancy Pelosi is running again as is Adam Schiff. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care one iota about anyone or anything in California – isn’t that obvious when you look at her home district, San Francisco. Then there’s Adam Schiff, who owns a 1 bed 600 SF efficiency in CA and visits 2-3x a year because he lives in Maryland 99.95% of the time in his 5000 SF home. Why would anyone vote for him to represent CA when he doesn’t live there? It’s bad enough he cost the US Taxpayers how many millions for the “I’ve seen the evidence with my own eyes” with the Russia Trump Scandal. You’ve got Gavin Newsom who sits at his 1K LUNCH at “The Library” during COVID when everyone else was locked down & arrested if caught outside – but it was OK for Gavin Newsom to gather w/friends, Nancy Pelosi to demand her hair stylist open up her shoppe for her, etc. Those in CA need to vote the opposite.

    PUT FEAR back into our Judicial System. Criminals now have more RIGHTS than law-abiding citizens do – it’s disgusting what has happened in 4 decades. In the late 70’s & early 80’s Police didn’t carry weapons, if they yelled “STOP” 99% of everyone froze in their tracks – Now we have corrupt DA’s, corrupt Judges, the Scales of Justice are severely unbalanced, I highly doubt that the guy that was playing Hide the Salami with Paul Pelosi will ever get the proper justice. We pay over 1Million every year to protect Hunter Biden –

    Can anyone explain why the US Taxpayers are paying 30K a month for the Secret Service Agents to rent a lavish home, so they can be close to their job in California – “Protect Hunter Biden” . The Biden Family crime and theft knows NO boundaries. Joe Biden bills the US Taxpayer for “Rent” for his Pool House, as the Secret Service Agents can get a break and sit inside of it and we’ve been paying Joe RENT since Jan 2009 EVERY MONTH – – Hunter Biden who has never worked a 9 to 5, legitimate job nor paid income taxes on the income he does report

    ZERO sympathy for those in CA – They wanted to Defund the Police, congratulations YOUR Wish was Granted. Now all of the Businesses have pretty much deserted the State, the Debt CA is in is staggering and yet Newsom and the Merry Gang of Thieves still manage to blow Millions, now assisting illegals to “Home Ownership” programs, giving 1K a month to the needy and we see videos every day of hoodie mobs going into Stores and destroying them and pilfering them so the shelves are bare……but they’ve encouraged it, no arrests if a person has stolen less than $900 – and now the inmates run the prisons – PUT Fear and Integrity back into this Nation – NO one FEARS Punishment or Accountability anymore because Joe Biden and the Democrats ENCOURAGE all people to break our Federal Laws and come here without going through the proper steps and legal ways….then they want help when the “ILLEGALITY” Mentality has taken over – – NOPE – –



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