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New Study Detects Spike Protein in Vaccinated 6 Months After Covid Vaccination

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines is “broken down within a few days after vaccination and doesn’t last long in the body”—a position it has adhered to since the pandemic’s beginning, despite research suggesting otherwise (pdf). The CDC refers to mRNA as “messenger RNA,” whereas regulatory documents and Pfizer refer to the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines as “modified RNA.”

Yet a new study published on Aug. 31 in Proteomics Clinical Applications found spike protein in the biological fluids of people who received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine six months after vaccination, suggesting mRNA may be integrated or retranscribed in some cells.

The study group included 20 subjects who received two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, 20 who were unvaccinated and tested negative for COVID-19 or antibodies indicating they had previously been infected, and a control group of 20 unvaccinated participants who tested positive for COVID-19.

Researchers then tested to differentiate synthetic spike proteins originating from mRNA vaccines from natural spike proteins in biological fluids, such as blood, urine, saliva, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluids of study participants and monitored vaccine-induced spike protein following vaccination.

Spike Protein From mRNA Differs from Post-Infection Spike Protein

According to the study, spike proteins originating from the translation of mRNA vaccines differ from natural spike proteins that circulate in biological fluids post-infection because two proline amino acids replaced the amino acids lysine and valine to help stabilize the synthetic spike generated by vaccination. This double amino acid variation removed a tryptic digestion site (a necessary part of protein absorption) on the natural spike protein. Because of this, researchers said it is possible to differentiate between natural and synthetic spike protein in biological fluids using tryptic digestion followed by mass spectrometry analysis.

Utilizing these techniques, researchers detected specific fragments of synthetic spike protein in about 50 percent of subjects who received mRNA vaccines. The synthetic spike protein was detected from 69 to 187 days following vaccination. All samples from the unvaccinated control group were negative, including the 20 individuals who had tested positive after contracting COVID-19.

3 Hypotheses for Persistent Synthetic Spike Protein in Vaccinated

Based on the results of the study, researchers suggested three possible hypotheses to explain why synthetic spike protein persisted in the vaccinated:

  • The mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines may be integrated or retranscribed in some cells.
  • Pseudouridines at a particular sequence position may induce the formation of a spike protein, although the researchers stated this was a remote possibility.
  • The mRNA-containing nanoparticles may be picked up by bacteria ordinarily present at the basal level in the blood and produce spike protein.

Although researchers said all three hypotheses need further study, they concluded that their initial observations could aid in an individual’s decision about whether to take boosters.

  • kom says:

    The answer is NO, NO and NO.

  • Daniel Schultz says:

    Speak in a language the general public can understand.

  • Joe says:

    From the start, many of us in the medical community were sure that Covid-19 was a labaratory created, gain of function enhanced, and genetically engineered lethal bio weapon. Recent evidence bears this out. Since it is not a “natural” pathogen, there should not be any expected “natural immunity.” Accordingly, the only “vaccine” that could attack this mutant pathogen, was a man-made “vaccine”. specifically created to mitigate this killer. While not close to perfect, it DID prevent millions of deaths in those who later became affected. Many of my patients know they would have died, had they not gotten the jab. Every vaccine ever introduced had hundreds of deaths (smallpox), and significant disease (polio), until the refined and perfected them.

    • Sue s says:

      Joe I believe the real cause of death in the elderly was the ventilators and the drugs that we know caused kidney failure in over half of of the people during the trials. As a doctor surely you know if you’re on a ventilator and your kidneys fail, the fluid goes to the lungs and other places. Pushing oxygen into lungs full of fluid because the person was literally drowning. Not a good protocol and some censored doctors figured this out early on. There is no way you can prove the vaccinated got a less severe case. But they may have other serious health issues as a result from the vax.

      • Joe says:

        The vaccinated DID get less severe cases. This was proved in my practice, in my family, in my home, and in emails I received daily from the front-lines of the pandemic. You may choose to believe as you wish.

  • Quinine says:

    I’m pure blood with regards to C-19 vaccines however I’ve been taking Lysine supplements for 50 years to treat herpes simplex-2 (cold sores). If I take the tablets (3,000 mg) within hours of the beginning pain sensations and then 3,000 more thru that day and continue a 6,000 mg per day regime for the next 5 days there won’t be a breakout. I never found a sweet spot for an effective daily maintenance dose for prevention. A few things like excessive stress, colds, corn, peanuts and shell fish are known triggers when I don’t have enough Lysine in my system.

    After reading the article I brought that all up because L-Lysine is even more crucial then I thought for a healthy immune system. I was born in 1951 and had all the recommended vaccines (and boosters in boot camp) except the C-19 poison vax and their shingles vax. My earliest recall of a cold sore was in kindergarten or first grade.



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