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GOP Folds, Will Not Vote to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt After He Ignored Subpoena

Wednesday has been an eventful day on Capitol Hill, but not for the reasons Republicans would have hoped. Hunter Biden was supposed to show up for a subpoenaed deposition. Instead, he held a surprise press conference and then thumbed his nose at Congress.

Rep. James Comer, who heads the investigating House Oversight Committee, promised immediate retribution, including a vote on holding the president’s on in contempt of Congress. That would be consistent with how Democrats treated witnesses like Steve Bannon for ignoring congressional subpoenas.

Unfortunately, the GOP caucus has caved, deciding to instead try to renegotiate an appearance by Hunter Biden while Republicans move ahead with a vote on officially opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Jim Jordan suggested during the press scrum that a contempt vote might occur after the vote to open the impeachment inquiry, though I find that excuse to be rather weak.

This is the time to lay it all on the line, not hand Hunter Biden significant leverage.

Any attempt to negotiate an appearance after the president’s son refused to show up for the first will do exactly that. You don’t gain leverage by blinking, and Republicans just blinked by not quickly moving to hold Hunter Biden in contempt.

  • Diana says:

    Eventhough I am not surprised about Hunter’s pass, I am angry that our GOP did not explain themselves. They appear weak! I am happy they did vote for the impeachment to go forward. BUT…. all of you stating you will never vote GOP again must realize that Donald Trump will need a GOP house and senate if he hopes to get anything passed. Vote Republican but vote the RINO’S out.

  • Juanita says:

    Unbelievable! They had better do something!

  • Adorable Deplorable says:

    These republicans are compromised… they need to be out of our government permanently. Sick of them siding with the criminal democrats on everything!



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