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‘Never Leave Home Without It’: Israeli Forces Discover Hamas Leader’s Credit Card

While clearing out Hamas strongholds in Gaza, Israeli forces stumbled upon the credit card of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. It’s a Visa card, and the man reportedly put some significant charges on the card. Though expired, it showcases what we all know about the terror group: the upper crust has accumulated inordinate amounts of wealth at the expense of the civilian population. What do you expect from an administration that spent 17 years building an intricate network of terror tunnels for its forces but not a single bomb shelter for civilians?

It’s a point that even Arab reporters picked up on when the war between Hamas and Israel erupted after the October 7 attacks. And this behavior is not unique to Hamas; any authoritarian group or leader in history has screwed over its citizenry. Haniyeh spent two years’ wages for the ordinary Gazan on just one receipt. But what’s a little infuriating about the discovery is that we have credit card companies wary of American gun owners but willing to extend lines of credit to genocidal Islamic terrorists (via The Messenger):

Maybe this marked-for-death Hamas terrorist should have carried cash.

A credit card bearing the name of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was found by the Israeli military in Gaza, according to a video that emerged Thursday.

An Israel Defense Forces officer identified only as Lt. Col. Dotan held up the Visa card and taunted Haniyeh in the 16-second clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, by Almog Boker, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 13.


The discovery was revealed several hours after the Israeli military said it found five receipts for about $25,000 in jewelry bought by Haniyeh’s son, Moaz Haniyeh, in Gaza and Qatar.

The “amount of just one receipt is equivalent to approximately two years’ wages for a Gaza resident,” according to the IDF.

Ismail Haniyeh, 61, has been the head of Hamas’ 15-member Politburo since 2017, according to the Council on Foreign Relations think tank.

He was declared a specially designated global terrorist in January 2018 by the U.S. State Department, which cited his “close links with Hamas’ military wing” and support for “armed struggle, including against civilians.”

Haniyeh — whose family home in Gaza was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike last month — has been based in Doha, Qatar, since Egypt reportedly banned him from returning to Cairo in 2020 following a foreign tour.

To elaborate further, Visa was part of the consortium of credit card companies that planned on essentially tracking the activity of American gun owners, a backdoor attempt at a gun registry. The plan was dropped earlier this year. However, over the summer, FBI Director Chris Wray admitted that Bank of America is transmitting personal information and bank records of Americans purchasing firearms to the bureau. The hearing was primarily about whether the FBI had undercover agents in the crowd on January 6, but these little nuggets were also mentioned.

  • Scott says:

    He would make a fine Democrat.

  • TD says:

    The FBI has now got a reputation of being one of the worse low down scum departments of government, I would be ashamed to be an FBI agent, I defiantly would not tell anybody I was

  • RM says:

    If at all possible, when Mr. Trump takes office in 2025 he will shut down the FBI altogether and its excessive abuse of power and overreach of power and charging of Director Wray with his crimes.

    Also, the DOJ’s Merrick Garland and his overreach of power and abuse he has caused.

    I think the prosecution will be for the bad actions they placed upon all conservatives and Catholics in this great country.

    And Mayonakas and what he has not done to take care of the southern border of the United States of America treason he needs to pay the price possible the firing squad if convicted.



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