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Musk Defends Trump After Leftist Corporate Media Unleashes “Bloodbath Hoax”

Corporate media and their woke allies on the Biden/Harris social media campaign team launched a disinformation and misinformation propaganda campaign against former President Trump, purposely misconstruing his speech at an event on Saturday.

The blatant disinformation and misinformation by leftist newspapers, radicals in the Biden administration, and even Democrat lawmakers have been on full display over the last 15 hours. There has also been an awakening on X of just how bad Democrats are at propaganda – and they can’t even make it believable anymore.

Let’s begin with the actual speech. On Saturday evening, X account EndWokeness posted a video of Trump at a campaign rally in Vandalia, Ohio. In it, Trump tells the audience that the American automobile industry will be a bloodbath if he’s not re-elected because the Biden administration will allow Chinese cars to flood the market.

Almost immediately, legacy media outlets, such as NBC News, ABC News, and Politico, among others, took Trump’s speech entirely out of context…

Then, the official X account of Biden/Harris trimmed down the clip to just nine seconds, taking Trump’s speech even more out of context.

The Biden/Harris X account even released this ridiculous statement:

And the ‘Bloodbath Hoax’ by Democrats was even pushed on CNN this morning by the best stock trader who has ever lived:

Meanwhile, Elon Musk commented on the absurd propaganda, saying, “Legacy media lies.”

Musk added, “Yup, hoax-making in process. And it is surprisingly effective!”

“Please send links from this platform to your friends who are still being misled by the legacy media!” said Musk.

The disinformation and misinformation campaign by the Democrats this weekend is right out in the open. And they’re not even good at it!

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    Yet Elon Musk doesn’t ban the BidenHQ commie propaganda account. Grow a set of balls man!

  • JB says:

    The liars on the left will pay for what they are doing and saying. People need to think long and hard about believing them anymore. You will be judged for your following like sheep.

    • Jaynie-O says:

      JB, you are correct. The lying, talking heads are being paid big bucks by MSM and big publishers to spread the most ridiculous hoaxes based on twisting and convoluting the truth until it more closely resembles a pretzel. I sometimes wonder if these people even speak English as their first language based on the way they interpret what Pres. Trump has said in his various speeches. I could easily quote a dozen examples, but I won’t take the space to do that here. Someday we will all be called to account for what we say & do in our lives. I hope those media people reflect on the way they have willfully misled their fellow Americans for 30 pieces of silver. For all the people who have believed them and perpetuated the lies by spreading them to others, they will also be held accountable for being “too stiff-necked” to try to learn the truth and purposely choosing to remain ignorant of the facts that are so clearly available to anyone willing to open their eyes and their minds to look for them.

  • T says:

    Typical of every comment/speech made by Trump and Republicans. The “man” directs the bought and paid MSM, Democrats and other entities to only pick and choose what they want people to believe. Just like J6!

  • Trish says:

    Here’s a media/gov hoax everybody buys – that prescription opioids caused the epidemic of illicit use and deaths attributed to opioids. Prescribing is down 55% since 2011. Street users consume synthetic fentanyl manufactured in China. Deaths? We saw with covid that cause-of-death numbers are curated. Also, CDC data shows 85% of individuals counted as opioid deaths have 1-4 other drugs mentioned on the death certificate.

    Whatever the coroner or ME (in 2/3 of the US an elected coroner without medical or scientific training) puts as cause-of-death is legally the cause, regardless of if they even bother to seek evidence. The cause of death cannot be appealed. When the gov wants to increase numbers for a certain cause, they use datamining software to search the text of death certificates for info to justify putting more deaths into the category they want to appear larger.

  • jay says:

    “I hate dogs that are tied up outside with no water”


    “He hates dogs”

    “My 1st kiss was when I was 13 with my 13 year old neighbor”


    “He kissed a 13 year old”

    Is there no end to these liars?



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