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Trump Trashes ‘Absolute Disaster’ White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Taking Jabs at Colin Jost

Donald Trump on Sunday trashed the White House Correspondents’ Dinner after being mocked by President Biden and “Saturday Night Live” star Colin Jost at the annual event.

“The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was really bad. Colin Jost BOMBED, and Crooked Joe was an absolute disaster! Doesn’t get much worse than this!,” the former president, 77, whined on Truth Social.

Trump broke with tradition and skipped out on all of the White House Correspondents’ Dinners during his presidency.

Some have speculated that Trump was scarred by the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011, when then-President Barack Obama mercilessly skewered him.

On Saturday evening, during the annual event for reporters and celebrities, Biden leveraged his appearance to take aim at his predecessor.

“I’m a grown man running against a 6-year-old,” Biden, 81, said during his speech. “Age is the only thing we have in common. My vice president actually endorses me.”

Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence has declined to back his onetime boss in the 2024 election cycle.

“It’s after 10 p.m. ‘Sleepy Joe’ is still awake while Donald Trump has spent the past week falling asleep in court every morning – though Fox News said he was just being anti-woke,” Jost later quipped.

At another point, Jost had some fun with the New York Post.

“Apologies to the New York Times, but as a Staten Islander, I get all my news from the New York Post. The only paper where the front page always has the same 200-point font, whether the headline is ‘World War Three to Start Tomorrow’ or ‘Central Park Owl Dead in Building Collision,’” the comic ribbed.

Underneath some of the banter, the dinner took a somber tone at times.

“The defeated former president [Trump] has made no secret of his attack on our democracy. He said he wants to be a dictator on Day One and so much more. He tells supporters he is the revenge and retribution,” Biden warned.

“When in God’s name [have you] ever heard of another president say something like that? And he promised a bloodbath when he loses again. We have to take this seriously,” the president said.

Jost appeared to take a break from his jokes to tout Biden in the election.

“My grandfather voted for you in the last election he ever voted in. The reason he voted for you is because you’re a decent man. I thank you for your decency,” Jost told Biden.

Ahead of the feted event, throngs of anti-Israel protesters railed against Biden and the crowds of attendees who entered the Washington, DC, Hilton.

  • Scurvydog says:

    If Truth Press continues with this style of reporting, I will end my subscription. Clearly, the author of this article is a left wing asshole.



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