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Watch: Economics Professor at Protest Screams ‘I’m a Professor’ While Getting Tackled by Police

A professor who was arrested at Emory University this week shouted “I’m a professor” as law enforcement tackled her to ground and placed handcuffs on her.

Video of the incident that Emory Professor Caroline Fohlin was involved in went viral online as an anti-Israel protest raged on campus.

Footage appeared to show her approaching several law enforcement officers who were on the ground arresting another protester.

Fohlin inched closer to the police officers and leaned in toward them when another police comes in, grabs her by the arm, and tells her to get on the ground because she is under arrest.

The woman appeared to resist the police officer’s instruction at which point he twisted her to the ground, placed her hands behind her back, and cuffed her.

“I’m a professor!” the woman said. “I am a professor! I am a professor! I am a professor of economics!”

Moments later, she appeared to say, “I reacted impulsively. I apologize. Please remove the handcuffs.”

In a later video, the woman appears to say, “I impulsively hit him on the head very lightly to get his attention and they grabbed me, threw me to the ground, and arrested me.”

She was charged with disorderly conduct and simple battery of an officer.

“Caroline Fohlin was not a protester at Emory on April 25,” said Gregory Clement, her lawyer. “She emerged from her office, concerned only about the treatment of students on the quad. She looks forward to vigorously defending the accusations against her in court.”

  • Ted says:

    It amazes me that people who go to college somehow seem to think they are of greater intelligence than others that have no degree

  • American Patriot says:

    Rot in jail, your not above the law.

  • A. Michaels says:

    “I’m a professor, I’m a professor”!! Well lady, I’m a cop and you’re under arrest!! LMAO

  • Russian says:

    Ugly female should be placed in cage with black prostitutes. They are very bored there and will be happy to play with her. She will be popular there..



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