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John Solomon Called Joe Biden’s Secret Global Phone — and Guess Who Picked Up

Peter Schweizer on Sunday dropped a bombshell during an appearance on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo.

Schweizer, author of “Secret Empires,” said Joe Biden was using a secret cell phone and it was paid for by Hunter Biden’s firm.

“What is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners and Joe Biden when he’s Vice President of the United States?” Schweizer said. “It’s not the government phone. It’s not Joe Biden’s personal phone. We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden’s business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was Vice President.

Schweizer continued, “It was from AT&T. It was $300 a month. It was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.”

Peter Schweizer said he shared the “phone number and account information with the people over at the House Oversight Committee.”

John Solomon on Wednesday said he called Joe Biden’s secret global phone…and guess who picked up?

“One of those documents got leaked to me and it had a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paying for, so I figured this was my chance. I’ve been trying to get fair comment from Hunter Biden, so I’m gonna call the cell phone!” John Solomon said on Real America’s voice.

He continued, “So I called the cell phone, and guess who picked up the phone? Joe Biden!”

“Joe Biden! Boy was he shocked when he got – when he picked up the phone and found out it was me,” John Solomon said. “He hung up pretty quickly!”


Biden’s secret global cell phone was used to run a very lucrative international influence-peddling operation that included his entire family.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer last month identified the NINE Bidens implicated in corruption.

“Joe Biden’s son. Joe Biden’s brother. Joe Biden’s brother’s wife. Hunter Biden’s girlfriend/Beau Biden’s widow, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife. Hunter Biden’s current wife. And 3 children of the president’s son and the president’s brother. So we’re talking about grandchildren – a grandchild. That’s odd. Most people that work hard every day a grandchild doesn’t get a wire from a foreign national,” Comer said at a press conference last month.

1. Hunter Biden
2. James Biden
3. Sara Biden
4. Hallie Biden
5. Kathleen Biden
6. Melissa Biden
7. Niece/nephew
8. Niece/nephew
9. Grandchild

James Comer said the Biden family received over $10 million from foreign nationals while Joe Biden was Vice President.

The countries involved directly correlated with Joe Biden’s work as Vice President.

This is textbook money laundering and influence peddling.

“The Committee is concerned by the complicated, suspicious network of over 20 companies we have identified the Bidens and their associates used to enrich themselves,” Comer said. “Most of these companies were Limited Liability Companies formed DURING Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency.”

“Bank records show the Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies,” Comer added. “Some of that money came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company…this is not how lawful businesses operate.”

  • Don says:

    Nothing will ever be done to them about this or anything else that they have done!!!

  • Dorothy says:

    There is so much evidence out there that Biden is a traitor, yet nothing done as usual. Look at all the money he collected from foreign countries. Just take a look at the invasion at the border because of this man. Get with it. Less talk and more action.

  • Dicksen says:

    Now what? sweet ZERO, nothing will come out of this, no Justice for the common people again.

  • Purple Olive says:

    What can Americans like myself do about this miscarriage of justice? All we can do is vote even though that is often suspicious. Those who do not follow what’s going on with politics always ‘go with the flow’.. and put up with the money laundering and influence peddling, and selling out America for personal profit by those in the highest level of gov’t!!! How frustratingt! We are in one mell of a hess!

  • Overlord says:

    The Biden’s family crime cabal in action ladies and gentlemen. They are as crooked as a Gordian Knot. I’m still trying to figure out who the brainchild is…it definitely isn’t Joe. He ain’t got that much brain power!

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