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‘Healthy’ 14-Year-Old Boy Dies in His Sleep at His Grandparents’ House, Family in Shock

A family is in mourning after a 14-year-old Australian boy with no apparent health issues died in his sleep earlier this week.

William Pfeiffer, 14, went to for a sleepover at the home of his grandparents on Sunday night, Adelaide’s The Advertiser reported.

The young man, who was described by those who knew him as “happy and healthy,” never woke up.

The Queenstown native died in his sleep and authorities do not yet have any answers for what might have caused his sudden death.

A family friend said he was looking forward to his school’s upcoming book week.

Pfeiffer’s parents Karen Lynch and Mike Shaw are reportedly struggling as they await a report from a coroner and also come to grips with the teen’s death.

Nicole Banns, a friend of the family, described to the Advertiser how William’s death was discovered.

“I think they just [realized] that he was sleeping in bed and they checked on him and [realized] that something wasn’t right,” Banns said.

Banns added, “[The family] is devastated as you can imagine, it’s just traumatic and it’s just so unfair.”

The woman, who described William as perfectly “healthy” also said he was “just like a sunshine” to those who knew him.

“He was such a happy kid whose smile just beamed and he was a bit of a clown and a jokester, and he used to make everybody laugh,” Banns said. “He had a heart of gold, so likable and he was such a good kid as well. Like he would never do anything wrong. He was just so good.”

Banns has launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to help the teen’s family cover his final expenses as well as to help the family financially while William’s death is grieved.

“On Sunday 20th August, 2023 we received the devastating news that their son William unexpectedly passed away in his sleep at just 14 years of age,” the campaign said.

It added: “No parent should ever have to endure the loss of a child. The grief alone is terrible, but the added stress of financial strain just adds to the pain. Karen will be unable to work for a while as she deals with her grief.”

Banns said all the money that is raised will go to William’s parents.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the campaign had raised just over $40,040 of its $50,000 goal.

  • Lydia07013 says:

    We’re all already aware of the 80/20 covid variant on it’s way that will miraculously cover up all these “mysterious” deaths.

    They’ll ALL be “infected”, then just die off. No more surprises and sudden deaths, they’ll ALL test covid positive.

    I know, another “conspiracy theory” – until like most others and then it’s not!?!

    They’re ALREADY spreading the new wave of fear. You should truly be worried if you’re in the unlucky percentages/ percentile – 80/20 (vaxxed/ nonvaxxed)…

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