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Fox News, Dominion Defamation Trial Delayed Amid Network’s Push to Settle

The contentious defamation lawsuit between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems saw a last-minute twist occur on Sunday evening.

Fox News is being sued by Dominion after multiple shows on the conservative network aired segments pushing the idea that Dominion’s voting machines had been used to rig the 2020 election. Those claims largely originated with figures like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who both made grandiose promises of coming proof. The “Kraken” never materialized, though, and even Trump’s own legal team never took that argument to any court.

Unfortunately for Fox News, they were left holding the bag, and it looks like it’s going to cost them an astronomical amount of money. According to a new report, the trial date for the defamation suit has been postponed because Fox News is looking to settle.

A Delaware judge delayed the start of the eagerly anticipated trial on a voting-machine company’s defamation claims against Fox News, an announcement that came as the network is looking for a possible way to settle the case.

The trial is now set to begin on Tuesday at 9:00 AM, giving the two sides an extra day to continue negotiations. Will Fox News settle, avoiding was appears to be a likely loss before a jury? That’s certainly what they want to do given how badly things have gone for them in court so far. The question is whether Dominion will even allow that. They know they have a strong case, and they have long indicated they want retribution to play out in the open. A settlement would mean the issue sinks into the foreground without any side publicly admitting guilt.

I’m also curious how a massive settlement (and rumors are it’ll be huge) would affect Fox News’ relationship with Donald Trump’s camp. The former president put out a Truth Social post on Monday morning shortly after 2:00 AM proclaiming that Fox News should simply double down on the stolen election claims. That would obviously lead to even more financial ruin, though.

So what does Fox News’ management do if they end up crushed here? Do they lay down the law with their hosts when it comes to Trump and the stolen election claims? And if they try to do that, how will the hosts react? I’d guess not very well. Will certain figures be completely banned from the network? How much will Trump himself be allowed on air after this?

It’s a bad situation, but what choice does the network have but to play hardball going forward? You don’t win lawsuits on Twitter, and no amount of “but what about” from two-bit faux legal experts is going to save Fox News at this point. The biggest problem for the network comes in the form of text messages purporting to show malice, i.e. that producers and/or hosts knew what was being said was false but put it on the air anyway.

The long and short of this is that Fox News is in a lot of trouble. The amount of money they could be required to pay out if they lose at trial could cripple the network, and there’s no guarantee that Dominion will give them the out of a lower settlement. Wherever this goes, you can probably bet that big changes are coming to Fox News in the future.

  • Napacfo says:

    Anybody watching the election returns on election night saw the corruption in the vote counting and the reported stats. What was reported at midnight was radically altered by 6:00 am, swinging from the GOP to the dems. With the altered voting procedures, the delayed countings, the repeated countings, and the mysterious bags of new votes that magically appeared when Biden was falling behind in many voting precincts, leaves any rational beings to legitimately question the accuracy of the results being reported. That it was Dominion counting machines in most of the delayed counting precincts that produced questionable results still puts Dominion machines into question. Trying to trash Fox in court does nothing to change that fact. Whether Dominion is corrupt or merely defective is not the question. They can’t produce a good result in a timely manner, so they should be removed from the marketplace and better services be obtained.

  • Karen says:

    The evidence is there ,for sure ,Fox needs to fight back, don’t settle, the evidence was never allowed by the demons controlled judges and social media and main Street news stations, to be seen ; in addition to the 2020 election ,other elections that the demons lost in the past ,these machines were looked at and questioned, fir years; stop using them vote on a ballot like in the olden days, proof of who you are and your address/ district ,count the votes as they come in, mail in votes only allowed with proof as to what is the reason why one needs to mail in a ballot,like being in the service out of the country, but with proof solid proof ,try it see what happens; the demons have many ways to sway a election their way ,the machines are only one ,but one less thing might make a difference, just saying!!!

  • KatyK says:

    I watched a demonstration with the dominion system. The vote went in as red but came out as blue. This happened several times during the demonstration. I don’t remember the man’s name who performed the demonstration but there was no doubt in my mind what happened during the last election

  • yeah me says:

    I have a 69 pg document with the problems dominion had with their programs and machines



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