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Former Larry Hogan Chief of Staff’s Home Raided by FBI

The FBI raided the home of the ex-chief of staff to former Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) as authorities continue to search for the fugitive.

The Florida home of Roy McGrath, 53, was raided by authorities as they continue “searching for any information that may help their effort to find Roy,” McGrath’s attorney told Fox Baltimore.

Joseph Murtha told the outlet that law enforcement conducted a wellness check on McGrath’s Florida residence at 10:30 a.m. on Monday and that he had not heard from McGrath since Sunday but sensed nothing unusual at their last meeting.

The ex-chief of staff did not appear in court for a Monday trial relating to theft and fraud charges, leading to the U.S. Marshals Service putting out a wanted poster for the former Hogan administration official.

The U.S. Marshals Service “has initiated an interstate fugitive investigation and is now seeking to apprehend (the) former Maryland governor’s top aide,” the statement read.

McGrath has been charged with one count of falsifying a document, two counts of theft, and five counts of wire fraud. The former chief of staff also faces different charges for misconduct and wiretapping while working for Hogan.

Among the crimes he is alleged to have committed, McGrath supposedly failed to use vacation time when traveling on a European cruise and took a severance payment that was worth one year of salary for his former position as the head of the Maryland Environmental Service.

On Tuesday, Murtha said that McGrath’s wife was also unaware of her husband’s whereabouts. As a condition of his pretrial release, McGrath had to surrender his passport, Fox Baltimore reports.

  • John says:

    Just wondering when the domestic terrorist and the communist saboteurs in our government are going to start getting their homes rated, just more communist Smash and grab for a wealth resources and making up fake allegations and charges out of nothing, more fake charges accusations and silencing of people exposing these demons on a daily basis these domestic terrorists fascist in a corrupted communist government have nothing on the Nazis during the Hitler era

  • RKCubb says:

    It is finally apparent WHY all the barbed wire is around the White House. They fear the patriots, and just how much we will tolerate until one day……..we BLOW UP AND BOIL OVER with anger and vengeance. Those sicko democrats in “America’s Largest Nursing Home” are afraid Americans just might do something. Hence, they lock down the nursing home for their own protection! Fence us out and fence themselves in….What a bunch of cowards!!!!!!!!!! I sure am glad GOD is the the great CPA, who is keeping perfect records on these people. They WILL get their just dues………some day !

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