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Dem Mayor Under Fire After Accidentally Sending Out Email Invite to Racist Holiday Party

The mayor of one of America’s most progressive cities is ringing in the Christmas season with a racially segregated party.

A staffer of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu invited the members of the city council to a holiday party for “electeds of color” on Tuesday, according to the Boston Herald.

Denise DosSantos, the mayor’s director for city council relations, sent the invitation for the party to all 13 members of the body.

There’s one problem — seven members of the council are white.

The other six are considered to be “of color,” a term favored by progressive ideologues to describe anyone who isn’t identifiable as white.

DosSantos followed up the invitation with an apology email 15 minutes later, according to the Daily Mail.

The aide left unsaid the true nature of the invitation — declining to address the murky question of who was actually invited.

“I wanted to apologize for my previous email regarding a Holiday Party for tomorrow,” DosSantos wrote.

“I did send that to everyone by accident, and I apologize if my email may have offended or came across as so. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.”

Outgoing City Councilman Frank Baker criticized the actions of the Wu administration as divisive.

“I find it unfortunate that with the temperature the way it is, that we would further that division,” said Baker, who is white.

Wu, who is Asian, hasn’t directly addressed the controversy.

It’s unclear whether the mayor — a Democrat who governs as a non-partisan official — intends to attend the party.

The party was slated for Wednesday.

It’s also unclear to what extent the gathering’s segregated nature was being enforced.

  • Guest says:

    My biggest question would be what are they hiding? Are they giving this special party for blacks only to give them bonuses and exclude the white employees. Worth checking into.

  • Guest says:

    What do you expect she graduated from Harvard!

  • Jim says:

    I’m pretty sure the staffer of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu who invited the members of the city council to a holiday party for “electeds of color” is a nixxer. If not, he/she sure acts the part. Fugg ’em and fugg Boston for being stupid enough to elect trash like that.

  • Rhoda Carpenter says:

    She needs to immediately be removed. If the table were turned and a white person did that they would be gone. There’s no room in America for this kind of behavior.



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