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Day of Jihad’ Begins: Multiple Separate Attacks as Bloodshed Goes Global

Violence marked the opening hours of Friday’s “day of Jihad.”

Khaled Meshaal, a former leader of Hamas, called on Muslims worldwide to make Friday a “day of Jihad” and stage protests to support Hamas, according to the New York Post.

In France, a French language teacher was stabbed to death Friday morning in the city of Arras, according to the BBC.

Witnesses said the man shouted out, “Allahu Akbar”, or “God is greatest,” in the midst of the stabbing.

In addition to the one teacher who was killed, a second teacher and a security guard were injured.

Police said the man who was arrested in the incident is a Chechen national in his 20s who was known to have links with radical Islam.

Media reports said he was once a student at the high school where the attack took place.

The French anti-terror prosecutor’s office said the suspect is being held on charges of murder in connection with a “terrorist enterprise” and “attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise.” French media said the man’s brother has been arrested as well.

In China, an Israeli diplomat was stabbed in the street, according to the South China Morning Post. The Israeli foreign ministry said the man who worked at the Israeli Embassy in Beijing was hospitalized in stable condition.

WARNING: The following video clip contains imagery the viewer may find disturbing

The incident was caught on video, showing the attack, the two men wrestling and the attacker’s eventual escape.

According to the Associated Press, a 53-year-old man described as a foreigner was arrested in connection with the stabbing of the 50-year-old diplomat.

Amid fears, some American Jews said they will not give in to fears and cancel school or religious activities, according to Fox News.

“To me, I actually think it’s really important that we send our children to school because if you look at Jewish history … there’s been this really long history for the Jewish people of people trying to make us hide our practices or not do our practices,” Zahava Berkowicz, whose child attends a Jewish school in the suburbs of Chicago, said.

“I think it’s really important to teach our children to be proud of who they are and to be proud of being Jewish,” Berkowicz said.

“Yes, we’re scared, but I think we do need to be brave and strong because we owe that to our brothers and sisters in Israel. Our value system is Jewish learning and Jewish prayers. And it’s really important that our kids are going to school because the people who want to actually wipe us out and murder us for our religion, they want nothing more for us than to stop sending our kids to school, to not pray, to not learn Jewish values,” she said.

Rabbi Shaanan Gelman, whose Chicago-area synagogue was the target of an unfounded bomb threat Thursday, said he will not give in to fear.

“Our response is we’re going to keep this synagogue open, and we’re going to operate business as usual,” he said. “We’re going to double, triple, quadruple our crowds because … we’re not going to be threatened, intimidated out of our practices and our beliefs.”

Akiva Block, a New Jersey rabbi and a Jewish religious law teacher at SAR High School in New York, said Jewish people must stand strong.

“The day of jihad, the day of rage that’s being called asking people all over the world to attack Jews, I think should really, for all of us, dispel the notion that one can separate the state of Israel with the Jewish people,” he said. “I wish this weren’t the case, but as a community, we’re very used to Hamas calling for a day of rage. This is not the first time that that’s taken place, and I suspect it won’t be the last.”

Block said he was not afraid to send his children to school or hold Friday night and Saturday services.

“We’re proud Jews, and what they want … is to make us scared, and the worst thing we can do is be scared. So, we’re going to live our lives. We’re going to practice our faith. We’re going to uphold the values that are most important to us, values of peace and understanding and love,” he said.

“And we’ll continue to support one another and elevate one another and be there for one another in this time of great difficulty. And we’re going to get through this story together, and no day of rage can ever stop us,” he said.

  • Patriot says:

    Hamas are a cancer that needs to be erased from the face of the earth just as President Trump did with Isis.This was not soldiers firing on soldiers, it was a bunch of cowardly animals murdering innocent civilians in cold blood and then running to hide behind their own people.

  • Slim says:

    With all of the terrorist cells that Joe Biden has allowed into this country everyone should not leave home without packing heat. Keep a 360 degree visual at all times.

    • T says:

      Biden is just a bought chess piece in the game of the higher-up….the puppet master! Obama is also bought and is there because Biden is more likely to listen to him then to anyone else. They both do as instructed!.
      Terrorist Cells have been entering the US for decades. The Bureau of Counterterrorism appears to be pretty lax in their mission!

  • 17 says:

    Fear porn.. did any of this actually happen?
    Did Hamas give Isreal a 3 day advance notice?
    Is the deep state trying to get the US into WW3?
    Open your eyes, the choice to know is yours.

  • f says:

    I will continue to post the following until everyone here understands the TRUTH and FACTS about Muslims…

    Islam has been the scourge of civilization since its inception. Their ‘Bible’ contains 103 verses which not only authorizes, but MANDATES every Muslim to kill every infidel, (read: non-Muslim), if they do not (ultimately) conform to Islam. What religion in the world preaches death? NONE! Therefore, ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is a military complex, cloaked in disguise as a ‘religion’, and masquerading under a religious banner, to deceive and take financial and psychological advantage of the Western World.

    Muslims have only ONE objective – TO ESTABLISH SHARIA LAW THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, and they will do/say whatever it takes to reach said objective. In their ‘Bible’, (the Qur’an), there are numerous verses which not only condones but ‘authorizes’ atrocities which are banned and recognized as ILLEGAL in EVERY culture of every society, (minus those countries of which Islam is the primary ‘religion’). These include, (but are not inclusive to): Murder, rape, incest, pedophilia, under-aged marriage, extortion, kidnapping, fraud, deceit, lying, robbery, burglary, assault, and also which includes everything/anything which will justify the defense of a man’s ‘honor’, (read: honor killings – murder).

    In addition, they do NOT recognize ANY country’s ‘rule of law’ – only their own, (Sharia Law). So, what options are available to exercise? Unless they conform to the rule of law of that country – NONE.

    They also do not obligate themselves to recognize ANY signed agreement, contract, pact, etc. between themselves and any/all infidels. Therefore, ANY geo-political ‘agreement’, (or ANY ‘agreement’ for that matter), between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, (read: infidel), is NON-BINDING in their eyes. So, no matter how many peace ‘agreements’ are signed, no matter what ‘contract/pact/MOU’s the United States makes w/ ANYONE of the Islamic ‘faith’, NONE of it (in their eyes) is binding. (Example: This is why EVERY Muslim, when being sworn into an elected office refuses to put their hand on the Bible, and ‘swears’ on the Quran).

    What’s the bottom line? We need to take care of business:

    1). EVERY country in the world needs to STOP recognizing Islam as a ‘faith’, and for what it is – A KILLING MACHINE.

    2). Hold EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM accountable for their actions which are contrary to the rule of law in that country, and executing violators, w/ the same ‘rule of law’ as that country’s citizens.
    UNTIL THIS IS DONE, THE WORLD WILL NEVER HAVE TRUE PEACE. (Read: You can’t ‘co-exist’ w/ people whose ‘Bible’ authorizes them to kill you if you don’t comply!).

    Ultimatum for non-action of #2: ALL Muslims will need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

    Until this action is complete, there will be NO peace. You CANNOT ‘co-exist’ with a military entity masquerading as a ‘religion’, who’s ‘Bible’, (the Quran), AUTHORIZES the death of ANY infidel, (read: non-Muslim), if they do not conform to their ‘religion’.

    The consequences (of non-action): If we do not do this, (ultimately), it will come down to this – WE WILL HAVE TO KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL US. Think not? THINK AGAIN!


    If you chose not to believe anything stated here, you’re either in hopeless denial, to helplessly apathetic to care, or too ignorant to understand…

  • Speak the truth says:

    No second amendment in France. Everyone just stands around and watches a murderer kill another human being. What a world we live in.

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