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Bed Bugs Discovered in 7 Major Las Vegas Hotels — Here’s the Full List

Furious guests have posted gruesome pictures of their wounds after some of the priciest hotels in Las Vegas fell victim to an invasion of bed bugs.

Seven of the biggest names on the strip have reported infestations to local health officials in the last 18 months, and experts have warned the blood-sucking critters are certain to return.

And guests at this summer’s World Series of Poker also reported falling victim to unwanted room mates taking advantage of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Circus Circus which is finishing a major three-year renovation reported two infestations within six months last year according to 8 News Now.

And Caesar’s Palace, where rooms can top out at $40,000 a night, also fell victim to the unwanted guests, along with Planet Hollywood, Palazzo, Tropicana, MGM Grand, and Sahara.

But seasoned visitors to the Nevada resort claim the official reports are just the tip of the iceberg.

‘F***ing bed bugs infestation,’ tweeted one.

‘Every f***ing time that I’d be residing here in Vegas, I always ended up with red, splotchy, and itchy skin TF.’

‘Bed bugs @ the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino Las Vegas June 2023,’ tweeted Pete Rob.

‘No help or compensation from management only a room change not acceptable.’

‘Had the worst stay at Paris Vegas Hotel,’ added @wilkinz.

‘Room was full of dust and gave me allergia on the first night. Then my room mate got bitten by bed bugs!

‘Hotel did not give any compensation or anything.’

Circus Circus informed inspectors at the Southern Nevada Health District after a guest was bitten in January last year.

Nearby rooms were also sealed off for two weeks but more bugs were found in a different room in June.

Guests at the Palazzo told health officials they were bitten in January last year, the same month that a Grand Room at MGM had to be decontaminated.

More bugs were found after one was squashed by a guest at the Sahara hotel in October that year, and the pests were found at The Tropicana in February.

Bugs were discovered at Planet Hollywood in June as players and guests assembled for the World Series of Poker.

‘MGM grand had to spray and clean their poker room on July 18 this year for bed bugs,’ tweeted @SMGPoker.

‘And they got rid of their standard chairs. Dealers complained for months, players got all bit up just before they finally sprayed.’

In a statement, MGM International Resort said: ‘We have comprehensive procedures in place to address and resolve any issue that may arise.’

The Tropicana Las Vegas told 8 News Now: ‘While highly unlikely, in the event of a complaint, we immediately isolate the affected room and its surrounding areas.’

The apple-seed sized bugs leave tell-tale signs of dark-colored spots, feces, and carcasses, according to Bobby James of Top Line Pest Control.

‘We got thousands of people coming into Vegas every day, so bed bugs catch a ride with somebody. They jump off into a hotel,’ he added.

‘Hotels don’t come with bed bugs in them. People bring them, so when they put luggage on the bed, we don’t know where they came from.’

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  • Darlin1111 says:

    I wonder if these people realize that bedbugs can lie dormant for up to a year, depending on the climate conditions… The colder the room, the longer they can remain dormant… Normal dormancy is 2 to 3 months, but they can remain inactive for up to a year… Unfortunately, I know this because the apartment that I lived in a couple of years ago had them come alive, and, they nearly ate me alive before I got them under control… Oh yeah, I live in Las Vegas, which is an interesting coincidence…

    Of course, putting the guests in a different room is the right thing to do… I sure hope someone is treating the luggage with bedbug killer before putting it in a different room, they could have brought them from home for all they know…

  • Barb N says:

    Can you imagine the infestations in all the hotels and other lodgings in cities and towns ‘hosting’ illegal aliens!?

  • Michael says:

    My folks had to have their house treated for bedbugs a few years back. The exterminators said they most likely were brought in on luggage from a hotel stay. My folks told the exterminator they had never heard of anyone having bedbugs, and the exterminator said they had been virtually eradicated from the US, but the rise in cases of bedbugs is growing exponentially with the rise in illegal immigration. There is a correlation in the rise of bedbugs and rise in illegal immigration.

  • Andy says:

    bed bugs are a huge issue in hotels of every level – they just keep it really quiet as it would put a damper on travel. I check the bed of every hotel room I rent and keep my luggage away from the bed off the floor. If I could afford one of them home mini campers I would do that before using a hotel

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