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Are Lockdowns Coming Back? These Fauci Comments Are Fueling Suspicions

Anthony Fauci’s recent comments during a Wayne State University event have some concerned that a lockdown 2.0 could be on the horizon, despite the social, emotional, financial, and educational toll it took on children, adults, and society at large.

At an event titled “Pandemic Lessons and Role of Faculty in Pandemic Preparedness with Dr. Anthony Fauci,” the former director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the decision to shutter society was the right move.

Jordan Schachtel pulled some noteworthy quotes from the 40-minute discussion.

“You had to have something to immediately shut down the tsunami of infection,” he states, adding, “that lockdown was absolutely justified.”

“Lockdown has a purpose,” the pseudoscientist continued. “One of the purposes, if you don’t have a vaccine, it’s to get more ventilators, get the hospitals better prepared … until you decompress the pressure on the hospitals.

Fauci wasn’t done yet. Here comes the truly evil insanity…

“If you have a vaccine available, you might want to lock down temporarily so you can get everybody vaccinated,” he suggests.

Rejecting the idea that lockdowns are a moral question, he added that “lockdowns have a place, but they are not a permanent solution.”

The conversation continued, with the longtime NIAID chief declaring that “climate change” is “playing a role” in causing outbreaks.

He then calls for an “international commitment to decrease the carbon imprint in society so you don’t have the kinds of crazy weather we’re having in this country.”

Yes, that’s a real quote.

Fauci’s comments come as one Southern college brought back mask-wearing, physical distancing, restrictions on large gatherings, and contact tracing for the next two weeks. A Hollywood studio also reimplemented mask mandates.

Media are also doing their part to fearmonger the public about rising COVID cases.

  • Tressa says:

    Please Democrats take more vaccines so you will die sooner and we can get back to taking care of people of this nation not everyone outside our borders!
    So not to leave you without enough poison you can have mine!

  • Leftist are the enemy says:

    Flauci take your mandate and lockdown warnings and stick it where the sun don’t shine we the people of America don believe a word you or the fake news media says you are a bunch of leftist hate no Geri game liars!

  • Howdy Duty says:

    Fauci you, Biden, Obama, Gates and his Globalists tried once scaring the country into taking the deadly covid vacine. You murferers killed people but not to the extent you scum bags were hoping for. Anybody who listens to you murderers would be a shame. Stick you’re mandates, mask and you and your friends take the shot.

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