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Tucker Carlson: Sheila Jackson Lee Has Devoted Her Life to Shrieking About White Racism

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  • Jenny says:

    Sad A Black person does this Lived with a black family and none of them were like this,just good down home people, nothing like what we have today. Why Education. Its all it is is Bad Education

  • Tressa says:

    So sad! She judges people by the color of their skin and not by their character! Sad to be her!

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    Another worthless piece-of-shit NIGGER. ONE TO THE HEAD – DONE!

  • Loyd says:

    So tired of the term Systemic racism, after 2 terms of Obama (or was that fraud too), we see her, waters, Clyburn, SCOTUS Thomas, even the fraudulent elects pick for the top military man. If this was as they say all these people wouldn’t be in these positions, along with Hispanics, Aisans, ect.
    It would be an all white congress, and all white NBB, NBA, NFL. Blacks would only be there to sweep up after games and congressional sessions. Sheila is nothing but as self righteous impotant negro, a race batter like sharpton, jackson , all of them disposable stooges for CPUSA and it’s agenda

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