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Jen Psaki Ripped After Fantasizing About Trump’s Death

As former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial proceeds today in a Manhattan courthouse with Stormy Daniels testifying, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is facing backlash for her recent comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. During Tuesday’s segment, Psaki speculated on how Trump’s presence in the political arena might diminish, prompting immediate condemnation from conservative circles.

Psaki discussed the motivations of Trump’s loyal supporters in power. She speculated on what drives them to remain allied to the former president despite ongoing legal challenges. In her remarks, she suggested that some of these individuals anticipate or hope for Trump’s potential departure from the political stage.

“I think many of them want to be close to power,” Psaki said. “They also assume or have this thought in their mind that maybe Donald Trump will go away. Maybe he’ll go to jail. Maybe he’ll die, not to be too morbid, but maybe, I mean, he’s not a young man.”

Her comments were quickly criticized by conservative commentators, who interpreted her speculation as a thinly veiled wish for Trump’s demise.


The trial of Trump intensified Tuesday as the jury listened to testimony from publishing executive Sally Franklin and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, one of the case’s pivotal witnesses. The courtroom buzzed after the presiding judge fined Trump an additional $1,000 for breaching a gag order by publicly commenting on the trial. Sternly warning Trump of potential jail time for future violations, the judge reiterated the importance of courtroom decorum according to The Associated Press.

The case hinges on accusations that Trump falsified business records, facing 34 felony charges related to a supposed plan to suppress stories that could damage his 2016 presidential bid. Prosecutors argue that the hush money payments, including those allegedly made to Daniels, were designed to manipulate public perception and sway the electoral process.

The hush money case is only one of several legal challenges Trump confronts. The former president remains embroiled in other investigations that scrutinize his actions during his administration and subsequent campaign activities. Despite the mounting pressure, Trump and his legal team continue to vehemently deny all wrongdoing, calling the proceedings part of a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

However, polling indicates that Trump is leading President Joe Biden in several key swing states and is currently in a strong position in the run-up to the 2024 election. For instance, one CNN poll has Trump ahead by 10 points in Michigan, a state Biden won in 2020. In Georgia, Trump is leading by around 5 points, reversing Biden’s narrow victory in the previous election. Similar patterns have been observed in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada, with Trump gaining ground in these critical battlegrounds​.

On a national level, the race remains extremely close, with both candidates polling around 44.8% in various head-to-head matchups according to The Hill​​. The addition of third-party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also influencing poll numbers, creating a dynamic three-way race where third-party votes could play a pivotal role in determining the final outcome​.

While it’s still early in the campaign season and polling trends may shift, these results suggest big challenges ahead for Biden as he seeks to secure his re-election bid.

  • Dorothy says:

    I am beginning to realize just how evil and crazy these anti-Trump people are. Is that what they think of, to have someone killed because you do not like him. I would not write an article in which Jen Psaki says anything. She is a very ignorant woman but some how gets a job. Get a life. I hate Biden and his whole administration but do not make it my focus. I hope they are all whipped and gone and maybe jail would be justice.

  • One says:

    I’ve always considered this person a DD, (devils’ daughter). A deep-dive into her past will show nothing less than absolute obedience and love for Satan.

  • Me says:

    Whatever get you WET at night, I guess. WOKE WHITE CHICKS have the WEIRDEST fetish!

  • Sue says:

    Psaki should be drug tested, her eyes look like a deer in the headlights, How many women did x President Clinton pay off, Big mouth crooked Hillary think she’s a spokesperson for women.And the list goes on, they all have unclean hands,

  • A. Michaels says:

    Well, ain’t that a coincidence, I fantasize over the death of leftists everywhere!



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