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Met Gala Stars Mocked as Absurd Outfits Leave Them ‘Unable to Conquer a Flight of Stairs’

Monday night was The Met Gala, the self-proclaimed “fashion’s biggest night out,” where celebrities dress in absurd outfits and the establishment media fawns over their bizarre attire in a modern day version of the court of Versailles in pre-Revolutionary France.

You know, the time when much of the French citizenry were literally starving to death while the French aristocracy shielded themselves from reality with frivolous pursuits and absurd fashion.

Although, instead of vast panniers that made aristocratic women turn sideways in doorways or towering hairpieces that necessitated specially made pillows to preserve them, the Met Gala displayed celebrities so dressed up they couldn’t conquer a flight of stairs.

A series of clips from the video coverage of the Met Gala showing numerous female guests who could not ascend the stairs by themselves was shared to the social media platform X, with some users intending to be flattering and others choosing to be decidedly more honest.

Beginning with the former, Entertainment Tonight shared a video of pop singer Lizzo posing in a dress with a bizarre and uncomfortable headpiece before attempting to mount the steps with the help of two different people.


The Associated Press shared a video of female rapper Cardi B, posing in a voluminous gown with a vast train that required the help of nine people to get her — and it — up the stairs.

Finally, two different accounts shared video of South African singer-songwriter Tyla, wearing a dress so tight that a man literally had to pick her up, hoist her over the steps, then place her back down again on flat ground (with the assistance of two others to pick up the dress).

While a few users on X were enamored with the avant-garde fashions on display, most seemed at best amused and at worst sickened by the excess on display.

One user, referring to Lizzo’s bizarre get-up, commented that she didn’t “pull off” the look because “she can hardly walk,” while another responded to the post saying “No. No she can’t. She literally [cannot] pull herself up those stairs either.”

Cardi B’s inability to walk up the steps inspired similar disdain, with one user commenting “Cardi B’s dressed just caused 7 years of climate change” and another pointing out “Meanwhile, millions of Americans don’t have enough to eat.”

Tyla’s dress was better received overall, but even then, comments resembled one from this user, who said, “In your face America. Because this is what matters. Enjoy your bread and circus.”

Indeed, the stars’ inability to mount the stairs while bedecked in their ridiculous finery functioned as a decent metaphor for the event itself.

The self-indulgent vanity paraded and encouraged by the Met Gala has always been sickening, but now, with Bidenomics draining the average American’s wallet, it’s become downright insulting.

The whole night was a spectacle of “high fashion” that no one in their right mind would ever wear, even assuming, by some miracle, they could afford it.

Remember, the government in New York City thought it more important to have tight security around the Met Gala to protect them from anti-Israel protesters, while letting Columbia University cancel their graduation ceremonies due to safety concerns caused by those same protesters.

Vapid celebrities with nothing better to do than don expensive, ugly, and impractical clothes apparently deserve police protection, but not the Jewish students threatened with violence on their college campus.

For Americans struggling to make ends meet under crippling inflation, while witnessing the disintegration of law and order in major cities with horror, the whole event has just become an embodiment of that infamous line, “Let them eat cake.”

And remember how well that worked out for the French aristocracy.

  • Jerry Matt Fares says:


  • goat says:

    Leave all those nixxers at the bottom of the stairs. No one needs them.

  • Scott says:

    Shows how unspecial these folks are. They prance and mince and show how out of touch they are not all that different thsn royals of the past.

  • D says:

    Just more worthless rich fools.

  • Frustrated says:

    Lizzy looked like a pregnant buffalo. Cardi B could use her fingernails as a tractor scoop. The dresses were like colored handiwrap. The designers must all be smoking meth to come up with these disgusting dresses. Get fucking real.



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