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Wisconsin Man Gets Over 7 Years in Prison for Firebombing Pro-Life Office

A far-left extremist who participated in a bombing of a Wisconsin pro-life office in 2022 was sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison earlier this week.

The incident took place in 2022 shortly after a draft opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade was leaked to the press.

The offices of Wisconsin Family Action became one of several pro-life locations and churches to be targeted by fire-bombings and other attacks by groups such as “Jane’s Revenge.”

Hindu Sankar Roychowdhury, a PhD holder, was arrested in 2023 on charges of attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive in connection with the Wisconsin incident.

In addition to carrying out the attack, Roychowdhury wrote “if abortions aren’t safe, you aren’t either” on the walls of the property.

The far-left group Jane’s Revenge — which was implicated in a number of fire-bombing attacks in the wake of the Roe V. Wade decision — claimed responsibility for the Madison attack.

The group released a statement at the time calling for for “the disbanding of all anti-choice groups, fake clinics, and violent anti-choice groups within the next thirty days,” according to local outlet WISC-TV.

Roychowdhury was identified as a suspect nearly a year after the attack thanks to DNA evidence recovered from the scene.

Investigators also matched his handwriting to that of the threatening message found at the property.

After initially pleading not guilty, the far-left extremist ultimately accepted a plea agreement in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Wisconsin Family Action President Emeritus Julaine Appling emphasized the seriousness of the crime following the sentence, stating that the incident was a “very visual reminder that people who disagree with us can and will use violence to try to silence us.”

  • RetOwl says:

    This is news that you won’t see very often on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC. When will the Department of Justice find the perpetrators of the Violent attack on the Lynchburg, VA Family Life center. You don’t see or hear of one shred of progress on that investigation.

  • Hank and Skank says:

    Let me get this straight, firebombing gets you 7.5 years in federal prison. While distribution of narcotics gets you 11yrs Federal time..

    Let’s let him out so he can do it again. Wow, just wow!

  • J says:

    Give the terrorist the death penalty.

  • Michael says:

    Some of the January 6 folks who simply entered the Capitol are getting up 20 years, but this guy who bombed a building is getting 7.5 years? Where is justice in this country?

  • anon says:

    pic shows he looks such a nice guy! Why was he filled with all that hatred?



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