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Watch: Pastor Doug Wilson’s Grandson Stood Against a Mob of Protesters Who Wanted to Storm a Building

What do conservative Americans see in viewing the protests on college campuses currently? As one of them, I see the look of ignorance and failure.

I also see the real possibility that, one day soon, one of these protests will result in lives lost. You can’t view the escalation of intensity without smelling the scent of growing violence in the air.

Nor can you watch the following video shared on X by N.D. Wilson, whose son and his friend held the door against an angry mob made up of pro-Hamas students, and not fear for the safety of the two young men. The two locked arms to help protect Jewish students who were trying to protect Hamilton Hall. Wilson stated, “Proud of my son for holding the door as long as he did, and of his friend whom the mob peeled off. Infuriated at #NYPD and @Columbia campus security who ignored his calls about vandalism and assault.”

That boy is also the grandson of Pastor Doug Wilson, who leads Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. If you recall, Pastor Wilson recently appeared on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” to discuss the attack on Christianity by the left.

The example he has set obviously translated well to his grandson.

N.D. Wilson shared further about the his son’s and his friends’ moxy, “Another part of my son’s evening, trying to stop a psycho building takeover. Protestors got onto campus by climbing through dorm windows and then set their sights on taking over this building. My son and his friend are students. Most of the mob did not appear to be.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language some readers may find offensive.

What is striking in the video but hardly surprising is the lack of how long these boys had to endure being at the center of this threatening situation. Columbia University is allowing these protests to continue, and when the house comes crashing down, they will be responsible as a party to these non-peaceful protests.

Neither boy should have had to navigate this moment without the help of staff or authorities. As of today, Columbia continues to pacify these pro-Hamas students, unlike many others who have cleared the encampments that have called for the annihilation of Israel.

According to NBC News, the students are going to great lengths to intimidate and destroy. It is insanity, for their ignorance is fanning the flame that seems to have nothing to do with the situation of origin and everything to do with mob mentality.

As Biden encouraged Hamas to agree to his latest ceasefire proposal offered up Monday, he couldn’t send a weaker message to pro-Hamas advocates across college campuses. According to USA Today, the U.S. worked with Egypt and Qatar to broker that deal between Israel and Hamas. And although it would “reportedly involve a six-week cease-fire in exchange for the release of 40 militant-held hostages and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners,” it would also establish precedent to negotiate with terrorists.

That is like lighting a match underneath these pro-Hamas protesters to do whatever they want to get their way. That could very well be the impetus to getting several Jewish students, or any other students standing in the way like this Wilson boy, killed.

Just as the anti-Israel mob was enraged that someone was standing in their way at Columbia University, so is Hamas with Gaza, Israel, and the Jewish people. A temporary ceasefire, if agreed to, will only allow Hamas to regroup and hit back harder while guards are down.

Plus, as former President Trump said, per the Washington Times, “The terrorist organization cannot be trusted to return hostages, who he said are likely dead.” It doesn’t matter how generous the deal is Biden places in front of them. That actually just makes everything worse.

A note needs to be taken from Pastor Wilson’s grandson and his friend. Both weren’t only extremely brave, but they demonstrated what should be done when terrorists descend. Stand tall and don’t waiver in what is right. He obviously is well-versed in history, with a stellar example in Jesus Christ.

Look how quickly the protests at University of Texas-Austin came and went. The leadership of the state translated all the way onto that campus — just as it did at the University of Florida. Before you knew it, it was over. That is how it is done. It isn’t being generous. It is being quick, decisive, and resolute.

The ignorance and failure running around on these campuses reflects that which is coming from the top. And the act of appeasing Hamas will result in many more getting killed, including students. It’s coming.

  • Harvey Lipshitz says:

    Nothing makes my blood boil like some bunch of snot nosed asswipes making “demands”.
    And the colleges are folding to them. I have some ideas that I don’t know why they haven’t been done.
    Get the formula from Israel for the spray that they use to break up riots. It supposedly resembles a smell of rotting corpse and feces and has an instant reaction on the “protestor” by making them sick.
    Firehoses and water cannons.
    Jail all of the non students.
    Anyone left still supporting Hamas, gather them up and ship them to Gaza and revoke their citizenship.
    Follow the money and lock them up. This is all organized by people like Soros. Eliminate them.
    Support Israel! No, I’m not Jewish. But think of all the contributions to mankind they have made and compare them to what the Muslims have contributed if you can find anything.
    TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK and woe to the scum who disturb the peace.

  • Dorothy says:

    This is caused by this Administration’s narrative. Since when do terrorists get away with this kind of behavior. They just want more chaos in this country and the objective is to take our country over. Too bad no one seems to care what is going on, but they better wake up before it is too late. I believe these protesters are paid by the regular criminals in the Democratic party, mainly George Soros. There is too much going on in this country right now. Our supposed leaders have no part in anything. The Democrats get all the power as we have to watch the takeover of our country. My heart goes out to Donald J. Trump for all they are putting him through just to stop him from becoming our next President. May God help him in every way. These people are robots who just love to be evil and corrupt and I hope one day they are hung.

  • Rita says:

    He should have pulled the rags off their heads right after they assault him. What a bunch of FREAKS.

  • vickie says:


  • Joe says:

    Columbia University is a LGTBQ/DEI/Marxist/Socialist/Bolshevik School.

    Look up the tuition costs that the Adult Students are paying to get their nonsense degree from, it’s around $70,000.

    While I empathize with anyone protesting the war going on in Gaza, and empathize with those in Israel grieving over loved ones lost, this is a case of one group of Commies, ( The Protesters and Provocateurs), protesting another group of Commies, (The American Banks that own our Governments Foreign and Domestic Policy), that are paying and supporting another group of Commies, (The Israeli government, IDF, and Mossad etc), to fight mostly unarmed Civilians, (Gazan’s).

    This particular story is of the two Christian Men that got in the middle of that and attempted to slow the first group of Commies down, so they could be arrested by the Commie-Cops.

    This whole thing could be avoided if America followed George Washington’s advice: “steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world”

    P.S. The Boomers who get their Briefs in such a twist over these Campus Protests, throw a bigger temper tamptrum with the Restaurant Waitress when their food service is slow. Or when they can’t figure out how to get a Reverse Mortgage on thier house to better spend all their Children and Grandchildren’s inheritance money before they die.

    The last part is a joke. Take your Metamucil and lie down for a bit, you’ll be okay Fred.



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