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White House Cuts Feed When Person Behind Biden Collapses During Speech

The White House cut a live broadcast of a speech on Friday after a woman standing behind President Joe Biden collapsed.

The president was playing host to the national championship-winning Louisiana State University women’s basketball team.

Biden hailed the women for their success as they stood together behind the podium.

“You know, I used to tell our daughters, our granddaughters, they can do anything at all. Anything any man can do, they can do,” Biden said.

He added, “That’s what America’s all about — possibilities. That’s what this team is about — incredible athletes redefining what’s possible.”

As Biden noted that the White House would next host the championship-winning University of Connecticut men’s basketball team, a commotion behind him interrupted his remarks.

Biden stopped speaking as people rushed forward to help the young woman who had fainted, a player identified as freshman forward Sa’Myah Smith.

“Folks, it’s OK,” Biden said.

The White House feed of the event was then cut.

A C-SPAN camera continued rolling throughout the next few minutes as Smith was tended to.

“It’s a lot of standing. I apologize,” Biden said, later adding, “It’s happened lots of times.”

After a roughly six-minute delay, Smith was escorted out of the room and Biden continued his speech.

Biden had been speaking for about 15 minutes when she collapsed.

Smith is a native of Desoto, Texas, and played in 36 games during the Tigers’ championship season.

  • John B says:

    POOTUS Flatulence strikes again!

  • MUDDY10 says:

    I would collapse too if had to stand and listen to that fucking asshole for15 minutes. The smell of the bullshit alone would make me faint.

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