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Watch: Trump Cheered by NYC Union Workers, Union Official Reveals Why Biden Is In Big Trouble

Former President Donald Trump is calling out the lawfare against him, terming it “election interference.” But he’s still doing what he can to reach out to the people and campaign.

What he did on Thursday morning, visiting a construction site where he was greeted by cheering union workers at 48th Street and Park in New York City has to send some terror into the hearts of the Biden team. These are supposed to be the votes they have locked up in a deep blue city. But the visuals were a big sign that Biden is in trouble.

Trump arrived about 6:30 a.m., at least a few hours before Joe Biden is normally awake, to meet with the workers before he had to show up for his “hush money” trial. He signed autographs and took photos with the workers.

“I did nothing wrong. It’s a political witchhunt. It’s election interference, that’s all it is,” Trump told the crowd, which broke out at one point into chants of “USA! USA!”

Trump said he was making a “play” for New York and he thought he had a chance because Biden was the “worst” in history to occupy the Oval Office. Trump campaign staff also passed out literature saying Trump would ban Chinese and foreign ownership of critical US infrastructure if re-elected and cancel Biden’s electric vehicle mandate, things that certainly would appear to union workers, as well as many other Americans who want to secure the nation.

The workers chanted “U-S-A!”

They also chanted, “We want Trump!” and “We love Trump!”

Newsmax reporter Addison Smith interviewed NYC union leader Bobby Bartels who explained why they had been Democrats, but that Democrats were “basically pushing everyone to the other side.”

Bartels called out the issues that concerned the workers, including crime and illegal immigration.

Bartels told Fox News he intended to vote for Trump, as did a lot of his members. He said, “I put out a poll in my union. President Trump is leading Joe Biden 3 to 1 in my presidential poll out of my 9,000 members.” He said he saw a wave coming and he wanted what was right for America, that his people were suffering under the present policies.

  • RA says:

    The Demonrats can’t stand it that Trump is more popular than ever. I saw this on Newsmax 2 the workers cheering for Trump. Crooked Joe can’t even drum up that much support. I heard Trump wants to hold a rallying Madison Square Garden. That will definitely sell out fast. Trump will beat this sham of a trial, this stinks to high heaven

  • Willie Lee says:

    Biden is not in trouble because the GOP is not taking election security seriously enough. Way too many lose ends.

  • MK says:

    Who is stopping all the illegals with a drivers license given by the State they reside in from voting? It wouldn’t be the same oath keepers of the constitution that habitually look the other way at any constitutional laws they don’t like would it? Give me a break from people drunk on euphoria! Look at the crowd. All made up of white guys that DemocRats despise and dumped politically for the inner city shit culture club, criminals and whackos of the world. The fact is the Republican Party is a big assed disappointment as an opposition party for all the shit that is wrong. Until we get an opposition party don’t be surprised if Maggot Brain Joe gets 4 more years.



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