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WATCH: Scottie Scheffler Gives Glory to God After Dominant Masters Win

Masters winner Scottie Scheffler isn’t afraid to tell fans about how his Christian faith helped propel him to victory on Sunday.

Sporting his green jacket and speaking with reporters after routing the field with an 18-under-par performance, Scheffler admitted that every morning is made all the more difficult by his unquenched desire to win at everything he does.

“I wish that I didn’t want to win as badly as I did,” he told friends in advance of the contest.

“I think it would make the mornings easier. I love winning. I hate losing.”

After two days of play, Scheffler came into Sunday 7 under par, stuck in a three way tie and one shot ahead of two-time winner Collin Morikawa.

“Things got a little dicey there in the middle, but did a good job of staying patient,” said Scheffler about his performance according to Sports Illustrated.

Before heading out, his buddies told Scheffler that his “victory was secured on the cross,” he said, adding that his faith kept him grounded in the final moments of the tournament.

“That’s a pretty special feeling. To know that I’m secure forever, you know, it doesn’t matter if I win this tournament or if I lose this tournament.”

“My identity’s secure forever,” he said.


Elsewhere, Scheffler spoke about how being selfish with his time was a crucial lesson he was forced to learn as the sport’s top figure of today. However, he doesn’t consider himself defined by his talent.

“You can’t really get caught up in all the stuff that’s going on around you. I’m hoping it doesn’t define me too much because… golf’s something that I do. It’s a tremendously huge part of my life, but it doesn’t define me as a person.”

Asked what does define him, Scheffler spoke to his faith.

“I’m a faithful guy, I believe in a Creator. I believe in Jesus. Ultimately I think that’s what defines me the most.”

Sunday saw the 27-year-old earn his second Masters victory after finishing 10th in 2023. Despite winning the prior year, Scheffler said he came in “underprepared” for what lay ahead of him in that year’s contest, but that his faith saw him through to his first green jacket.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was very anxious that morning, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I believe in one Creator, that I’ve been called to come out here, do my best, compete and glorify God, and that’s pretty much it.”


Other Christian athletes at the top of their game include CJ Stroud, the rookie Texans quarterback who defied the odds to make it to the highest echelon of his professional career and earlier this year became the youngest player ever in the position to win an NFL playoff game. Levi Williams, who led the Utah State Aggies to a respectable .500 season during his first year as starting quarterback, called his decision to forgo the NFL draft and enter training to become a Navy SEAL part of “God’s calling” for him.

“This is where God’s calling me,” Williams recalled telling his soon-to-be wife. “Obviously, we can’t prepare for everything. There’s going to be some unexpected turns along the way. As long you trust God and trust me, I think we’re gonna be alright.”

  • Rhett says:

    He didn’t “rout” the field, he finished 11 under par, winning by 4 strokes.

  • kom says:

    I admire his faith.

  • STEVE HELMS says:


  • Watchman says:

    Awesome !!! We need more people like this on this earth… Not afraid to speak their hearts !!!!

    • American Patriot says:

      Amen, it’s refreshing to hear young folks not afraid to express their faith , gives me hope for America.



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