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Watch: Fetterman Stumbles Through Remarks with Biden While Wearing Shorts and a Hoodie

Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., donned a hoodie and a pair of shorts with sneakers for a Saturday event with President Biden and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro in Philadelphia, where officials discussed Interstate-95 and the reconstruction efforts underway.

Fetterman was seen in the outfit while meeting Biden at the airport upon his arrival in the state, and later at an event where Biden and Shapiro updated Americans on the work that has taken place to ensure a safe reopening of the major highway.

The combination of clothes — a Carhartt hoodie and athletic-wear shorts with sneakers — has become a part of the junior senator’s wardrobe for official functions. Fetterman was seen numerous times on the campaign trail last year wearing the same get-up, and last month he appeared at a Senate news conference wearing a similar outfit.

Speaking at the event, Fetterman touted Biden’s accomplishments and insisted he is “committed to infructure [sic].”

“Little over a year ago, the president and I were standing right next to each other at a collapsed bridge in Western Pennsylvania, a bridge that I drove over just the night before with my young son. He showed up within just hours after that bridge collapsed there,” Fetterman said of Biden. “And he promised to make sure that any resources that they needed and any help and support and guess what? That bridge was built less than a year well, well in front of time.”

“And now I’m standing next to the president again next to a collapsed bridge here,” he added. “He is here to commit to work with the governor and the [delegation] to make sure that we get this fixed quick, fast, as well, too. This is a president that is committed to infructure [sic], yeah, and then on top of that the jewel kind of a law of the infraction [sic].”

After he concluded his remarks, Fetterman introduced Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., to the podium, referring to him as “Congressman Boyle Bile.”

Clay Travis of reacted to Fetterman’s speech in a Saturday tweet.

“If the Lincoln-Douglas debates represented the pinnacle of American democracy Biden-Fetterman represents the all time bottom,” Travis wrote.

During his time as mayor of Braddock and campaign for the Senate, Fetterman was known for wearing sweats on the job, but he raised eyebrows when he showed up to the United States Senate in a hoodie.

Fetterman has been seen wearing a hoodie and shorts in the Senate several times since his return from a six-week hospital stay, where he was being treated for clinical depression.

Fetterman initially checked himself into the hospital in February and did not return in person to the Senate until April.

In his first appearance in the chamber since his weeks-long hospital stay, Fetterman was seen wearing a black Carhart hoodie and blue casual shorts.

Among the debate about Fetterman’s controversial Senate attire, Fox News Digital recently reported that the senator’s office had doctored his remarks in their transcriptions from several hearings, amid concern over the senator’s health.

  • cj says:

    How can you expect other countries to respect us as a nation and smart people ,when you have to sick men running it one a president who is clearly ready for the home and the other clearly sick with brain problems and stroke???

  • Jeannie says:

    He is as bad as the demented president! And the brainless people KNEW THAT WHEN THEY MARKED THOSE BALLOTS!!! Show the integrity of the democrats in PA!!! I D 10 T’s!!!! Party before country, for sure!!!!

  • Sicsam says:

    Does anyone truly believe this idiot?

  • Jericho says:

    In his defense, its his dress hoodie

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