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WATCH: Brave Armed Citizen Guns Down Would-Be Mass Shooter in Las Vegas

A brave armed employee discharged his firearm to stop a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Friday, saving countless lives. But local government officials are covering up this vigilant citizen’s heroic action for unspecified reasons.

As KTNV reported, an active shooter entered the Turnberry Towers and started firing off shots toward the front desk. A witness said the shooter was wearing a helmet and had an AR-15 and other weapons in his possession when he made entry.

It was at that moment the would-be assassin got an unexpected surprise: an armed employee. The unidentified law-abiding citizen drew on the shooter and caused him to flee by shooting out the inner glass.

The employee, who has not been identified, drew on the would-be mass murderer, causing him to flee by shooting out the inner glass. Right before the shooter reaches the outer door to escape into the street and potentially gun down other people, he collapses after taking several bullets in the back as noted by


It seems a bit miraculous the would-be mass murderer was able to survive the onslaught though it’s quite possible he was wearing body armor underneath his shirt.

Instead of celebrating the employee’s heroic actions, local officials and police refused to confirm that an armed citizen stopped a mass shooting and instead embarked on a scheme to hide the truth from the public.

Here is a thread from Amy Swearer, a legal fellow from the Daily Signal, detailing the local officials and the Las Vegas Police Department’s inexcusable actions:

There are many theories regarding why the LVPD would not want the public to know the full truth. One possibility as noted by is the Las Vegas District Attorney, who is a Democrat, might charge the heroic citizen with a crime because he shot the gunman in the back.

There is nothing more humiliating to the left and some police than an armed citizen proving that their gun control beliefs are total garbage. It would not be a bad idea for the hero to obtain legal counsel as a precautionary measure.

  • Darlin1111 says:

    Wow, I lived down the street from Turnberry Towers for 6 years (I moved about a year ago to my current home)… I walked by it several days a week during my daily walk around the neighborhood… I’d walk up Karen Ave. (now called Liberace Ave. from Joe W. Brown to Maryland Pkwy), past Turnberry Towers to Paradise, then cross over to the Westgate and walk around the entire property, then home to the Greystone Park (now called “The Hendrix”) Apartments…

  • Scurvydog says:

    District Attorneys have waaay too much power, especially when the police keep secrets at the behest of the DA. If the DA and the police bring charges against the hero, the people in Clark County Nevada need to rebel loudly and for a long time, then do a recall of the DA! Democrats are too stupid to hold such and important office.

  • Ted says:


  • Dudley says:

    Hopefully the employee belongs to USCCA or Legal Shield

  • John says:

    The Democrat communist corrupted domestic terrorist pedophile and child molesting party of New World Order luciferian democrat demons will put this man who saved many people from being killed in jail soon, because they don’t want anyone doing the job that these scumbags should have been doing from day one ,but they count on criminals to raise taxes ,create chaos ,it’s to divert people away from the Democrat communist criminal activity and the murder of whistleblowers these demons and other sick Democrat child pedophile and child trafficking crimes that they constantly commit, and also by ignoring the fact that they have let in the this country with their Democrats open border domestic terrorist America hating agenda more drug and child trafficking cartel criminal illegal alien under this Democrat domestic terrorist MS-13 coddling party of ritual Satan worshiping baby murdering demons and Antichrist in this sick fascist mentally ill government of a fraudulently elected coup d’etat takeover of black racist, America hating, constitutional hating, pedophile sexual child abusers and pedophile predator political antichrist demons

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