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Watch: Biden Nearly Gets Handful of Eva Longoria’s Breasts

President Joe Biden nearly got a handful of Eva Longoria’s breasts during a cringeworthy moment at the White House on Thursday evening.

Longoria attended The White House for a screening of her new film, “Flamin’ Hot,” and in honor of her directorial debut, Biden turned up the heat in a very unexpected way.

Video footage of the event shows Biden embracing Longoria at the podium, but instead of hugging and separating in the usual way, he clung to her, and she visibly pushed his hands away from her breasts.


The very awkward moment instantly went viral on social media, with many calling Biden a “creep.” Critics slammed the president for groping the famous actress and criticized his supporters for “encouraging this blatant sexual assault.”

“So gross! Many women know exactly how she felt in that moment. @EvaLongoria was clearly uncomfortable with his hands on her body when she removed them and stepped away from him,” former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted.

“GROSS! Eva Longoria had to move Biden’s hands to keep him from groping her at the White House tonight. I hope these people are happy with the creep they support,” posted political commentator Tim Young.

That was just one of Biden’s blunders on Thursday evening.

Biden also attempted a joke at the podium that did not land as intended. The president told the crowd that he’d known Longoria for “a very long time; she was 17, I was 40.” The joke was met with awkward silence and muttering from onlookers.

  • Don says:

    I don’t know why everybody is always so critical of him. He puts his pants on just like every other Liberal, yellow stain in front, brown stain in back. Come on man………..

  • Mutha Phucker says:

    She should have just roundhoused the son of a bitch and kicked him in the nuts!

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