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Trump Trial Juror Dismissed After Arrest Revealed for Tearing Down Right-Leaning Ads

A second juror was excused from the jury in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial on Thursday after it was revealed the man was once arrested for tearing down right-leaning political advertisements.

Juror #4, who was selected and sworn in on Tuesday, was excused by Judge Juan Merchan on Thursday morning.

The man had been arrested in Westchester, New York, for tearing town political advertisements, according to a prosecutor from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

“I actually believe the propaganda that was being ripped down was political posters that were on the right — the political right,” prosecutor Joshua Steinglass said Thursday.

Steinglass said that after additional research, it also appeared that the juror’s wife had been previously accused of, or involved in a “corruption inquiry” that needed a “deferred prosecution agreement with the district attorney’s office.”

Jurors are asked on a questionnaire to list whether they or someone close to them have ever been arrested.

Juror #4 was excused shortly after juror #2 was excused. Juror #2 admitted that she could no longer be fair.

Juror #2, a woman who lived on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and works as a nurse, returned to court Thursday morning and said that after further thought, she had concerns about being fair and balanced in the case.

“I definitely have concerns,” she said, noting that her family and friends questioned if she was serving on the jury. “I don’t think I can be fair.”

She also said she thought that “outside influence” would “interfere.”

The woman also noted that she did not want aspects of her identity to be reported.

Judge Merchan excused her and warned the press about covering the trial.

“You can write about anything on the record, but apply common sense when writing about jurors using physical descriptions and descriptors,” Merchan said.

Merchan directed the press to refrain from writing about anything that can be observed with eyes in order to “ensure jurors remain safe.”

“We lost what would have been a good juror,” Merchan said, adding that she was “afraid of being intimidated.”

After the departure of juror #4 and juror #2, only five jurors have been sworn in. Thirteen more jurors are needed before opening arguments can begin.

  • Smokey says:

    WHEN the media finally talks about this, all we’ll hear is “THEY ARE BUILDING A BIASED JURY, THEY MUST ALLOW OUR PEOPLE TO SERVE” while they ignore if it was a prominent Democrat on trial, all we’d hear is “NOOOOOOOOO, NO REPUBLICANS, THE JURY MUST BE 100% DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICANS WILL JUST CONVICT BEFORE THE TRIAL.” I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  • Dorothy says:

    So sick of hearing about these disgusting people going after Trump like this. It is like a three ring circus. The people of this city are not safe when killers go around and nothing is done to them, but they just want to get Trump. How more obvious is this fraud going to keep up. It just goes to show you who is really running our country. All of them are traitors and I hope they have their day soon.

  • Russell says:

    Join me at the FB group: Restore Meaning of 2nd Amendment

  • And Replaced with an ANTIFA BASS-TARD. But thats ok…



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