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Trump Breaks His Silence on House Speaker Race

On Monday former President Donald Trump broke his silence on the tumultuous race for the next Speaker of the House. Nine candidates have now thrown their hats into the ring following Rep. Jim Jordan’s withdrawal.

When asked about the situation in the House, Trump expressed optimism, believing that a solution is on the horizon. He stated, “Well, I think it’s going to get solved, and when it does, it’ll be a beautiful thing, it’ll teach a lot of people about democracy.”

“I said, ‘There’s only one person who can do it all the way.’ You know who that is? Jesus Christ,” Trump joked.

“If Jesus came down and said I want to be speaker, he would do it. Other than that, I haven’t seen anybody that can guarantee it. But at some point, I think we’re going to have somebody pretty soon.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Speaker race, one name that has been standing out is Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL). Known for his conservative leanings that resonate with the MAGA ‘America First’ faction, Donalds is gaining traction among his colleagues.

The Republican Party has been at odds with each other for weeks now, struggling to find momentum to elect a new speaker.

Donalds’ decision to run for Speaker follows his earlier move in January when he voted against former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. His consistency and appeal have earned him endorsements, and his alignment with Trump could potentially tilt the balance in his favor.

The Speaker’s race has not been without its controversies. Rep. Ken Buck recently revealed he had been forced to change office locations due to pressure and threats resulting from his refusal to support Jim Jordan’s candidacy.

The political turmoil surrounding the House Speaker election is unfolding against a backdrop of major international issues, as well as an upcoming election season.


    Jesus Christ As Speaker Is OK
    Satan Jeffries As Speaker Is Not Ok

  • Maria says:

    I think we the people has the right to choose our speaker of the house and I ask the people who support Jim Jordan to help him to come back to the race, he is the one to be there

    • See more says:

      Maria I am like you all us Republicans should be able to vote for a speaker. I guess Trump just thinks he needs not to say much about it right now.

  • Pat says:

    Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL). would be a excellent choice for Speaker of the House. Emmer is a puppet of the Uniparty and Soros.

  • Rick says:

    If they don’t do something soon they’ll be considered completely incompetent, and not able to govern themselves. and the media will exploit the hell out of this sht show for next election. But over and over the Republicans always seem to fck themselves over everytime they gain the majority. Definitely have become a party the people can’t depend on. I’ve switched to the libertarian party out of complete disqust with the rinos they allow into their party, and bring the party down.

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