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Trans Murderer Who Killed Both His Babies Will Receive Taxpayer-Funded Breast Implants

A transgender murderer who killed both his babies and stuffed one of their bodies into a Tupperware container is to receive tax payer funded breast implants.

Jessica Marie Hann, born Jason Michael Hann, was sentenced to death in 2014 for murdering his 10 week old daughter Montana and his two month old son Jason in 2001 and 1999.

Hann was convicted over the killing of the two children after authorities discovered their decomposed bodies in storage units in Arkansas and Arizona.

Reduxx reported that Hann was originally held on death row at San Quentin following his trial but was transferred to Central California Women’s Facility after he began to identify as a women.

After California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a halt to the death penalty in the state, Hann was allowed to move into the general population and is now reportedly awaiting a tax-payer subsidized breast augmentation, according to the outlet.

In February of 2002, the badly decomposed remains of Montana were found in a Tupperware container after being abandoned in a storage facility in Arkansas four months earlier.

Mann and his partner Krissy Werntz had been living in a trailer at the time and kept Montana’s remains underneath their bed.

The two then rented a storage unit to store their trailer, which was then sold at auction after the rent went unpaid.

The buyer of the unit then found Montana’s remains while emptying the contents of the container.

Court documents say his hand was visible and her head was completely encased in several layers of duct tape.

An autopsy of Montana found she had suffered fractures to her skull which had been caused by ‘severe blunt force’.

Her left tibia had also been fractured, with the Arkansas medical examiner saying that it was caused by bending or twisting her leg as ‘if you wanted to break a pencil’.

This discovery led police on a nationwide search for her parents and traced the license plate of the trailer to Hann.

The two were found living at a hotel in Maine with a one month old named Michael, with police arresting the two and taking the child.

Michael was then placed into foster care and according to court papers was unhealthy at the time.

He was later admitted to hospital and it was discovered he had thirteen rib fractures, as well as fractures in his legs, both knees, and one of his ankles.

After a CT and MRI scan, doctors said Michael had also suffered a bleed to the brain, which was caused by violent shaking on more than one occasion.

In April 2002, just a day after their arrest in Maine, Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies searched a separate storage unit in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Inside, deputies discovered a storage compartment underneath a bench which contained the remains of Jason.

Authorities found his body inside a black nylon bag, which was wrapped in seventeen plastic trash bags that had been lined with air fresheners.

Jason’s birth certificate and other paperwork had been left in the trailer connecting it to Hann and Werntz.

An autopsy of the remains concluded that he had suffered a fractured rib that was consistent with him being grabbed and shaken.

In February of 2006, Hann was sentenced to 27 to 30 years in prison for the case of her son’s death, with his daughter’s murder being tried separately.

In 2013, he was then handed the death penalty for killing Montana and leaving her remains in the storage unit.

At the time, Hann had said he never reported the deaths for fear he and Werntz were wanted for a fraud charge in the state of Tennessee.

Werntz was sentenced to 15 years to life for the death of her daughter but avoided any charges relating to the death of her son.

During he trial, Werntz said she was under significant duress during their relationship and that Hann had threatened to murder her if she went to the police.

Werntz was also being held at the California Women’s Facility but was granted a move after Hann was allowed into the population.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    This POS should have been put to death, yet he wants breast implants because he identified as a woman. And is being held in a California woman’s prison, so are we to believe this POS should be in there with all those women? And I would not be surprised if he still has male parts this so he can RAPE all those women he can. Hopefully, these ladies will take care of him, which the state should have done a long time ago.

  • IDAMACS says:

    He was given the death penalty. Put him to death and save the breast implant money and give it to an organization that helps children.

  • Joyce says:

    This is not exceptable. This is sick and demented that our laws even allow this crap!!!!!!!!
    I am outraged at this kind of stupidity. Why on God’s Green earth are they doing such a thing. Get him the help he needs for crying out loud not body parts that God didn’t give him. Our lawmakers are sick and demented and need their heads checked too.

  • Michael says:

    There is no justification what so ever for a murderer of children to get elective breast surgery on the taxpayers dime . Nor is there any excuse for any elective surgery . What’s next ? Tummy tuck , face lift , butt lift ? This has gone far beyond stupid and ridiculous . And it must be stopped .

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