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TikToker Urges Migrants to ‘Invade’ American Homes Using Squatter’s Rights

A TikTok influencer is advising his followers on how to ‘invade’ American homes and invoke squatter’s rights, making it difficult for them to be removed from properties.

Leonel Moreno, who goes by @leitooficial_25 online and appears to be a Venezuelan migrant, has told his followers that under US law, ‘if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it’.

He is referring to squatter’s rights, or adverse possession laws – a common law principle that allows an illegal inhabitant to acquire ownership of a property based on continuous occupation without the legal owner’s consent.

Moreno, alleging he has friends who ‘have already taken about seven homes’, argued the only way for migrants to not live in the streets or be a ‘public burden’ is to ‘seize’ and ‘invade’ abandoned properties.

The now-viral video, which has been viewed almost 4million times, has prompted outrage from many social media users. Some have claimed Moreno is ‘promoting terrorism’ and are now calling on the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to action.

Squatter’s rights laws exist in all 50 states and have sparked a crisis across the nation. ‘Serial squatters’ are overtaking homes and helpless families booted out of their houses by crooks are desperately turning to vigilantes to reclaim their homes.

Moreno, who is believed to live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio with his partner and their infant daughter, has amassed a following of more than 501,000 on TikTok by creating videos targeted at migrants.

The migrant influencer, in a video posted four days ago, is encouraging his followers to take over unoccupied homes.

Moreno, speaking in his native Spanish, told his followers: ‘I found out that there is a law that says if a house is not inhabited we can seize it.’

He argued the law applies to ‘land invasion’ and said he thinks ‘that will be my next business, invading abandoned houses’.

After disclosing his next business venture, Moreno prompted the alleged successes that other migrants have had by seizing properties.

‘My African friends have told me that they have already taken about seven homes,’ he continued. ‘You have to look for the return, and the return right now is to invade a house.’

He further argued that squatting is the ‘only way we have to not live in the street and not be a public burden’.

Moreno also claimed the law states that if they overtake abandoned homes that have ‘deteriorated’ or are in ‘bad condition’, repair and live in them, that they can ‘ask for credits’ when the properties are sold.

The video has enraged social media users, with some arguing he ‘needs to be charged with whatever crime’.

‘Pretty sure this is illegal and I feel like he’s encouraging others to engage in illegal activities,’ one TikTok user commented.

Another echoed: ‘Go get a job. Stop waiting for us tax payers to support you.’

‘There is literally NO law that says that, but go ahead and try…’ wrote another.

One user added: ‘This guys is always thinking in the worst and unlawful way to make a living and for some reason he gets away with it.’

The video was re-posted on X and also received a negative response. One user claimed Moreno was ‘promoting terrorism’ and asked: ‘Where’s the @FBI and @DHSgov to track down this guy and arrest him?

‘Why do we even have laws in this country that allow illegals to come in and seize homes they don’t own? Our country is getting taken over. And our government is letting it happen.’

It is unclear if authorities are aware of Moreno’s video or investigating.

Moreno, who in previous TikToks has bragged about earning money by begging on the streets and collecting government handouts, is promoting a concept known as squatter’s rights.

Squatter’s rights, also known as adverse possession, allows someone who inhabits a property illegally to continue using or occupying it if the legal owner does not take action against them within a certain period of time.

Squatting, while technically a form of trespassing, requires the trespasser to have the intention of making the property they illegally inhabited their permanent residence.

Squatters will often take control of abandoned or unattended homes because they are less likely to be monitored, according to asset protection firm Anderson Business Advisors. But a squatter is not immediately granted the right to adverse possession.

Squatter’s rights must be established over a designated timeframe, varying by state and ranging from a period of seven to over 20 years.

Some local authorities require even less time to establish adverse possession.

New York City has a more progressive take on the law and and allows a person can claim squatter’s rights after residing in a property for just 30 days.

Under city law, it is also illegal for a landlord or homeowner to change the locks, turn off the utilities or remove the squatter’s belongings from the property.

In all states, a property owner must follow a legal eviction process to remove squatters. This process make look different depending on each authority, but typically begins with notifying local law enforcement and filing an eviction lawsuit.

  • Zeus Papadopoulos says:

    Can we say “Little Twink”?

  • C-Lei says:

    Castle Doctrine. Kill any migrant scum you find in your home.

  • GeeJay2 says:

    What a jerkwad. Obviously he doesn’t value his life. He may one day run into the wrong person who shoots first and talks after.

  • Common Sense in America! says:

    That’s why democrat cities and states are trying to trick ignorant people into housing these criminals!!!
    If you let them stay rent free in your house, you’d have to give these f-ers a . When you leave for work tgey will change the locks and you’ and your family will be living in your car in the Walmart parking lot!!!! You have to spend 10s of thousands of dollars in lawyers fees to get your own house back.
    Also, they will then have YOUR address and request a mail in ballot in your name!!
    If you dont pay the mortgage and taxes, you’ll lose your house anyway!



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